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Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Sphaerodactylidae
Bibliography of the genus Aristelliger
Biodiversity of the family Sphaerodactylidae


Croaking Geckos, Caribbean Geckos, Eyelash Geckos

Knurrgeckos, Antillengeckos


1862 Aristelliger Cope (type species: Aristelliger lar Cope 1862)
1870 Idiodactylus Bocourt (type species: Idiodactylus georgeensis Bocourt 1870; syn. Kluge 1991)
1932 Aristelligella Noble & Klingel (type species: Aristelligella barbouri Noble & Klingel 1932; syn. Kluge 1991)
Contents: 9 species, of which 7 (77.8%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Distribution: Bahamas (incl. Great Inagua Bank [incl. Great Inagua]), Belize, Cayman Islands (Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman), Colombia (Providencia, San Andres, Santa Catalina), Cuba, Dominican Republic (incl. Isla Alto Velo), Haiti (incl. Ile de la Gonâve), Honduras (Cayos Vivorillos, Islas del Cisne [Isla Grande, Isla Pequeña]), Jamaica, Navassa, Turks & Caicos Islands (Caicos Islands).

Aristelliger barbouri

Inagua Croaking Gecko, Inagua Gecko



1932 Aristelligella barbouri Noble & Klingel
Aristelliger barbouri Barbour 1937
Aristelliger cochranae barbouri Hecht 1951

Remarks: Revalidated as a separate species by Schwartz (1968).
Distribution: Bahamas (incl. Great Inagua Bank [incl. Great Inagua]).

Aristelliger cochranae

Navassa Croaking Gecko, Navassa Gecko, (Cochran's Croaking Gecko)



1931 Aristelliger cochranae Grant
Aristelligella cochranae Noble & Klingel 1932

Remarks: Previously included barbouri and expectatus.
Distribution: Navassa.

Aristelliger expectatus

Hispaniolan Desert Gecko


Hispaniolansk Ørkengekko

1933 Aristelliger expectatus Cochran
Aristelliger cochranae expectatus Mertens 1939

Remarks: Revalidated as a separate species by Powell, Henderson, Adler & Dundee (1996).
Distribution: Dominican Republic (incl. Isla Alto Velo), Haiti (incl. Ile de la Gonâve).

Aristelliger georgeensis

Belizean Croaking Gecko, Saint George Island Gecko, Belizean Gecko

Belizischer Knurrgecko

Belizisk Knurregekko

1870 Idiodactylus georgeensis Bocourt
Aristelliger georgeensis Barbour 1914
1885 Aristelliger irregularis Cope (Wermuth 1965)

Remarks: Erroneously reported from Islas del Cisne (Swan Islands), Honduras. The species occurring in these islands is nelsoni (McCranie 2018). An unnamed species of the genus, previously referred to as georgeensis, is known from the islands Cayos Vivorillos, off the extreme northeastern coast of Honduras (McCranie 2018). The presence of georgeensis (sensu stricto) in Honduras is unconfirmed, but the species may occur in the islands Cayos Zapotillas, close to Belize (McCranie 2018).
Introduced to: Mexico (Quintana Roo [incl. Isla Cozumel, Isla Mujeres]).
Distribution: Belize, Colombia (Providencia, San Andres, Santa Catalina).

Aristelliger hechti

Caicos Croaking Gecko, Caicos Gecko



1975 Aristelliger hechti Schwartz & Crombie

Introduced to: Hispaniola.
Distribution: Turks & Caicos Islands (Caicos Islands).

Aristelliger lar

Hispaniolan Giant Gecko


Hispaniolansk Kæmpegekko

1862 Aristelliger lar Cope

Distribution: Dominican Republic, Haiti.

Aristelliger nelsoni

Islas del Cisne Croaking Gecko, Swan Islands Croaking Gecko


Islas del Cisne-knurregekko

1914 Aristelliger nelsoni Barbour
Aristelliger praesignis nelsoni Hecht 1951

Remarks: Previously regarded as a subspecies of praesignis (e.g., Schwartz & Henderson 1991). Regarded as a separate species herein, following McCranie (2011, 2015), Powell & Henderson (2012), and McCranie, Harrison & Valdés Orellana (2017).
Distribution: Honduras (Islas del Cisne [Isla Grande, Isla Pequeña]).

Aristelliger praesignis

Jamaican Croaking Gecko, Cayman Gecko, ("Wood slave")



1857 Hemidactylus praesignis Hallowell
Aristelliger praesignis Cope 1862

Remarks: Previously included nelsoni.
Distribution: Cayman Islands (Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman), Jamaica.

Aristelliger reyesi

Cuban Croaking Gecko

Kubanischer Knurrgecko

Cubansk Knurregekko

2009 Aristelliger reyesi Díaz & Hedges

Distribution: Cuba.