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Snakes (Serpentes)


Bolyeria [extinct]
Round Island Boa

Keel-scaled Boa

Biodiversity of the family Bolyeriidae Bibliography of the family Bolyeriidae

Mascarene Boas
Bolyerschlangen     Mascarenerboaer

  1 living species and genus which are endemic.

In addition to this, another genus with 1 species, which was endemic, is considered extinct.

Remarks: Previously regarded as a subfamily of the family Boidae (e.g., Stimson 1969; Goin, Goin & Zug 1978). Now considered a separate family (e.g., Smith, Smith & Sawin 1977; Grazziotin, Zaher, Ferrarezzi, Klaczko, Bonatto & Wilkinson 2007 [by implication]). Extinct on Mauritius main island.

Distribution:  Mauritius (Round Island).