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Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Anguidae
Bibliography of the genus Caribicus
Biodiversity of the family Anguidae


Northern Hispaniola Forest Lizards

Nordhispaniolische Ringelschleichen

Nordhispaniolanske Ringøgler

2021 Caribicus Schools & Hedges (type species: Celestus darlingtoni Cochran 1939)
Contents: 3 species, all of which are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: The species of this genus were previously assigned to Celestus.
Distribution: Dominican Republic, Haiti.

Caribicus anelpistus

Altagracia Giant Forest Lizard, Altagracia Giant Galliwasp



1979 Diploglossus anelpistus Schwartz, Graham & Duval
Celestus anelpistus Savage & Lips 1994
Celestus warreni anelpistus Hallermann & Böhme 2002
Caribicus anelpistus Schools & Hedges 2021

Remarks: Possibly extinct (Powell & Henderson [eds.] 2012). The continued survival of this species is in need of confirmation (Landestoy, Inchaustegui & Hedges 2017). Regarded as a subspecies of warreni by Hallermann & Böhme (2002), but Powell & Henderson (2003) retained anelpistus as a separate species.
Distribution: Dominican Republic.

Caribicus darlingtoni

Hispaniolan Striped Forest Lizard, Hispaniolan Striped Galliwasp

Hispaniolische Streifen-Ringelschleiche

Hispaniolansk Stribet Ringøgle

1939 Celestus darlingtoni Cochran
Diploglossus darlingtoni Wermuth 1969
Caribicus darlingtoni Schools & Hedges 2021

Distribution: Dominican Republic.

Caribicus warreni

Hispaniolan Giant Forest Lizard, Hispaniolan Giant Galliwasp, Haitian Giant Galliwasp

Hispaniolische Riesen-Ringelschleiche

Hispaniolansk Kæmperingøgle

1970 Diploglossus warreni Schwartz
Celestus warreni Savage & Lips 1994
Caribicus warreni Schools & Hedges 2021
1985 Diploglossus carraui Inchaustegui, Schwartz & Henderson (Hallermann & Böhme 2002; Powell & Henderson 2003)
Celestus carraui Savage & Lips 1994
Celestus warreni carraui Hallermann & Böhme 2002

Remarks: Previously included anelpistus. Hallermann & Böhme (2002) regarded carraui as a subspecies of warreni, Powell & Henderson (2003) as a synonym.
Distribution: Dominican Republic, Haiti.

Caribicus warreni
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