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Malay Archipelago

Taxonomy of the genus Cyclocorus Biodiversity of the family Cyclocoridae

Bibliography of the genus
Cyclocorus (Triangle-spotted Snakes)

(Reptilia: Serpentes: Cyclocoridae)

Note: In order to limit redundancy, relevant literature indexed in the related bibliographies in the left column may not have been included in this page. For a comprehensive search of literature, these bibliographies should therefore also be consulted.

Cyclocorus in general

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Cyclocorus lineatus

Binaday, J.W.B. 2017. Natural history notes: Cyclocorus lineatus (Reinhardt’s Lined Snake). Diet. Herpetological Review 48(3): 671.

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Cyclocorus nuchalis

Taylor, E.H. 1923. Additions to the herpetological fauna of the Philippine Islands. III. Philippine Journal of Science 22: 515-558.