Reptiles introduced to


Checklist of the native reptiles of Curacao
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Rune Midtgaard

Introduced species(confirmed and presumed introductions, incl. both surviving and extirpated populations, excl. unpublished records)


Lizards (Sauria)

Hemidactylus mabouia

Cosmopolitan House Gecko

Buurt 2005 Buurt 2006

Gonatodes albogularis

Yellow-headed Gecko

Buurt 2005 Buurt 2006 Hummelinck 1940 Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970 Wermuth 1965

Gonatodes vittatus

White-banded Padless Gecko

Ortega, Caicedo, Hoogmoed, Ouboter, Schargel, Rivas & Murphy 2016
Snakes (Serpentes)

Indotyphlops braminus

Brahminy Blind Snake

Wallach 2009