Reptiles introduced to
United Kingdom 


Checklist of the native reptiles of United Kingdom
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© Rune Midtgaard

Introduced species(confirmed and presumed introductions, incl. both surviving and extirpated populations, excl. unpublished records)


Lizards (Sauria)

Podarcis muralis

Common European Wall Lizard

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Podarcis siculus

Italian Wall Lizard

Frazer 1983 Henle & Klaver in Böhme (ed.) 1986

Teira dugesii

Madeiran Wall Lizard

Frazer 1983

Timon lepidus

Northern Ocellated Lizard

Frazer 1983
Turtles (Testudines)

Chelydra serpentina

North American Snapping Turtle

Taylor 1963

Chrysemys picta

American Painted Turtle

Taylor 1963

Emys orbicularis

Common European Pond Turtle

Taylor 1963

Trachemys scripta

Common Slider

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