Reptiles of
Semau [Indonesia]

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Bibliography of the reptiles of Semau Taxonomic history of the reptiles of Semau Introduced species
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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (Compilation date: 14th April, 2023).

General remarks: The list includes only formally described species. Newly discovered, but still unnamed species are excluded. However, unnamed species or species unassigned to species level are included, if they are the only representatives of their genus in the region. Species counts exclude extinct and introduced species. Doubtful records, typically older voucher specimens of uncertain origin, have been excluded if considered questionable, as are records based on sources considered unreliable or controversial.
Note: Your comments to the checklist (omissions, errors, etc.) are welcomed, preferably if they are provided with reliable references. If possible, please attach a pdf file of the relevant reference to an email addressed to:
Lizards (Sauria)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Agamidae (Agamas and Dragons)
Genus Draco (Gliding Dragons)
Draco timoriensis

Timor Gliding Dragon

McGuire & Kiew 2001 Musters 1983 Wermuth 1967
 Family Gekkonidae (Typical Geckos)
Genus Gekko (Tokays)
Gekko gecko


Mertens 1930
Genus Hemidactylus (Half-toed Geckos)
Hemidactylus tenkatei

Rote Half-toed Gecko

Kathriner, O'Shea & Kaiser 2014
 Family Scincidae (Skinks)
Genus Carlia (Australian-Pacific Rainbow Skinks)
Carlia peronii

Timor Rainbow Skink

Zug 2010
Genus Cryptoblepharus (Indo-Pacific Snake-eyed Skinks)
Cryptoblepharus leschenault

East Indonesian Snake-eyed Skink

Brongersma 1942 Horner 2007
Cryptoblepharus schlegelianus

Timor Snake-eyed Skink

Brongersma 1942 Horner 2007 Mertens 1964
Genus Eremiascincus (Glossy Night Skinks and Sand Swimmers)
Eremiascincus emigrans

Lesser Sundas Glossy Night Skink

Auffenberg 1980 Brongersma 1942 Mertens 1930 Rooij 1915
Genus Eutropis (South Asian Sun Skinks)
Eutropis multifasciata

Many-lined Sun Skink

Mertens 1930 O'Shea, Kusuma & Kaiser 2018 Rooij 1915
Genus Lamprolepis (Malay Archipelago Tree Skinks)
Lamprolepis smaragdina

Emerald Tree Skink

Schmitt, How, Hisheh, Goldberg & Maryanto 2000
Genus Sphenomorphus (Indo-Pacific Forest Skinks)
Sphenomorphus melanopogon

Black-bearded Forest Skink

Auffenberg 1980 [as florense] Brongersma 1942 [as barbouri] Mertens 1930 [as florense] Rooij 1915 [as florense] Shea 2012
Genus Tytthoscincus (Dwarf Leaf-litter Skinks)
Tytthoscincus temminckii

Sunda Leaf-litter Skink

Mertens 1930 Rooij 1915

Snakes (Serpentes)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Colubridae (Typical Snakes or Colubrids)
Genus Coelognathus (Oriental Rat Snakes)
Coelognathus subradiatus

Lesser Sundas Rat Snake

Iskandar & Colijn 2001 Lang 2011 Schulz 1996
Genus Dendrelaphis (Bronzebacks)
Dendrelaphis inornatus

Lesser Sundas Painted Bronzeback

Iskandar & Colijn 2001 Lang 2011
Genus Lycodon (Oriental Wolf Snakes)
Lycodon capucinus

Island Wolf Snake

How & Kitchener 1997 [as aulicus] Iskandar & Colijn 2001 Lang 2011 O'Shea, Kusuma & Kaiser 2018
Genus Stegonotus (Indo-Australian Ground Snakes)
Stegonotus lividus

Semau Ground Snake

Haas 1950 [as S. modestus] Kaiser, Kaiser & O'Shea 2018 Rooij 1917 [as S. modestus]
 Family Pythonidae (Pythons)
Genus Liasis (Water Pythons and Australian Olive Python)
Liasis mackloti

Timor Water Python

Lang 2011 McDiarmid, Campbell & Toure 1999 Stimson 1969
 Family Viperidae (Vipers)
Genus Trimeresurus (Oriental Pitvipers)
Trimeresurus insularis

Lesser Sundas White-lipped Pitviper

Gumprecht, Tillack, Orlov, Captain & Ryabov 2004 How & Kitchener 1997 [as albolabris] Haas 1950 [as albolabris] Iskandar & Colijn 2001 Lang 2011