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Taxonomy of the family Phyllodactylidae
Bibliography of the genus Haemodracon
Biodiversity of the family Phyllodactylidae


Socotra Leaf-toed Geckos



1997 Haemodracon Bauer, Good & Branch (type species: Diplodactylus riebeckii Peters 1882)
Contents: 2 species, both of which are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously included in Phyllodactylus (e.g., Wermuth 1965).
Distribution: Yemen (Socotra Archipelago [Samha, Socotra]).

Haemodracon riebeckii

Common Socotra Leaf-toed Gecko

Gewöhnlicher Sokotra-Blattfingergecko

Almindelig Socotra-bladfingergekko

1882 Diplodactylus riebeckii Peters
Phyllodactylus riebeckii Boulenger 1885
Haemodracon riebeckii Bauer, Good & Branch 1997
1902 Ptyodactylus socotranus Steindachner (Eiselt 1962)
1903 Ptyodactylus sokotranus Steindachner [substitute name for Ptyodactylus socotranus Steindachner 1902] (Eiselt 1962)
Ptyodactylus homolepis sokotranus Loveridge 1947

Distribution: Yemen (Socotra Archipelago [Samha, Socotra]).

Haemodracon trachyrhinus

Large-nosed Socotra Leaf-toed Gecko

Grossschnäuziger Sokotra-Blattfingergecko

Langsnudet Socotra-bladfingergekko

1899 Phyllodactylus trachyrhinus Boulenger
Haemodracon trachyrhinus Bauer, Good & Branch 1997

Distribution: Yemen (Socotra Archipelago: Socotra).