IUCN Red List assessments
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IUCN Red Lists of Lizards (Sauria)
Taxonomy and distribution of the family Agamidae
Bibliography of the family Agamidae


Agamas and Dragons

IUCN Red List assessments:
Extinct (in recent times): 0 species
Extinct in the Wild: 0 species= 0.0 %
Critically Endangered: 10 species= 1.7 %
Endangered: 25 species= 4.3 %
Vulnerable: 25 species= 4.3 %
Near Threatened: 17 species= 2.9 %
Least Concern: 341 species= 58.6 %
Data Deficient: 52 species= 8.9 %
Not Assessed: 112 species= 19.2 %


Acanthocercus (Ridgeback Agamas)
Acanthosaura (Pricklenapes)
Agama (Typical Agamas)
Amphibolurus (Southern Lashtail Dragons)
Aphaniotis (Earless Agamas)
Bronchocela (Long-tailed Agamas)
Bufoniceps (Rajasthan Toad-headed Agama)
Calotes (South Asian Forest Agamas)
Ceratophora (Sri Lankan Horned Agamas)
Chelosania (Chameleon Dragon)
Chlamydosaurus (Frilled Lizard)
Cophotis (Deaf Agamas)
Coryphophylax (Bay Islands Forest Agamas)
Cristidorsa (Crested Mountain Agamas)
Cryptagama (Gravel Dragon)
Ctenophorus (Comb Dragons)
Dendragama (Sumatran Tree Agamas)
Diploderma (Eastern Mountain Agamas)
Diporiphora (Two-pored Dragons)
Draco (Gliding Dragons)
Gonocephalus (Western Anglehead Agamas)
Gowidon (Long-nosed Dragon)
Harpesaurus (Sunda Horned Agamas)
Hydrosaurus (Sail-tailed Agamas)
Hypsicalotes (Kinabalu Crested Agama)
Hypsilurus (Eastern Anglehead Agamas)
Intellagama (Common Australian Water Dragon)
Japalura (Western Mountain Agamas)
Laudakia (Asian Rock Agamas)
Leiolepis (Butterfly Agamas)
Lophocalotes (Sumatra Crested Agamas)
Lophognathus (Northern Lashtail Dragons)
Lophosaurus (Sahul Anglehead Agamas)
Lyriocephalus (Lyre-headed Agama)
Malayodracon (West Malaysian Anglehead Agama)
Mantheyus (Phu Wua Rock Agama)
Microauris (Orange-lipped Forest Agama)
Moloch (Moloch)
Monilesaurus (Necklace Forest Agamas)
Otocryptis (Kangaroo Agamas)
Pelturagonia (Indonesian Shrub Agamas)
Phoxophrys (Sumatran Shrub Agama)
Phrynocephalus (Toad-headed Agamas)
Physignathus (Indochinese Water Dragon)
Pogona (Bearded Dragons)
Psammophilus (Indian Rock Agamas)
Pseudocalotes (Long-headed Agamas)
Pseudotrapelus (Afro-Arabian Desert Agamas)
Ptyctolaemus (Fold-throated Agamas)
Rankinia (Mountain Heath Dragon)
Saara (Eastern Spiny-tailed Agamas)
Salea (Indian Bush Agamas)
Sarada (Greater Fan-throated Agamas)
Sitana (Lesser Fan-throated Agamas)
Thaumatorhynchus (Bengkulu Horned Agama)
Trapelus (Afro-Asian Ground Agamas)
Tropicagama (Northern Water Dragon)
Tympanocryptis (Australian Earless Dragons)
Uromastyx (Western Spiny-tailed Agamas)
Xenagama (Shield-tailed Agamas)