IUCN Red List assessments
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IUCN Red Lists of Lizards (Sauria)
Taxonomy and distribution of the family Diplodactylidae
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Double-toed Geckos

IUCN Red List assessments:
Extinct (in recent times): 1 species
Extinct in the Wild: 0 species= 0.0 %
Critically Endangered: 10 species= 5.3 %
Endangered: 21 species= 11.1 %
Vulnerable: 14 species= 7.4 %
Near Threatened: 12 species= 6.3 %
Least Concern: 92 species= 48.7 %
Data Deficient: 3 species= 1.6 %
Not Assessed: 37 species= 19.6 %


Amalosia (Amalosia Velvet Geckos)
Bavayia (New Caledonian Brown Geckos)
Correlophus (New Caledonian Crested Giant Geckos)
Crenadactylus (Australian Clawless Geckos)
Dactylocnemis (Pacific Brown Gecko)
Dierogekko (New Caledonian Nimble Geckos)
Diplodactylus (Australian Ground and Stone Geckos)
Eurydactylodes (New Caledonian Chameleon Geckos)
Hesperoedura (Reticulated Velvet Gecko)
Hoplodactylus (New Zealand Giant Geckos)
Lucasium (Beaded Geckos)
Mniarogekko (New Caledonian Mossy Geckos)
Mokopirirakau (New Zealand Forest Geckos)
Naultinus (New Zealand Tree Geckos)
Nebulifera (Robust Velvet Gecko)
Oedodera (New Caledonian Marbled Gecko)
Oedura (Common Australian Velvet Geckos)
Paniegekko (New Caledonian Mountain Gecko)
Pseudothecadactylus (Australian Giant Geckos)
Rhacodactylus (New Caledonian Knob-headed Giant Geckos)
Rhynchoedura (Beaked Geckos)
Strophurus (Spiny-tailed Geckos & Tail-squirters)
Toropuku (New Zealand Striped Gecko)
Tukutuku (Harlequin Gecko)
Woodworthia (New Zealand Brown Geckos)