IUCN Red List assessments
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IUCN Red Lists of Turtles (Testudines)
Taxonomy and distribution of the family Geoemydidae
Bibliography of the family Geoemydidae


Eastern Pond Turtles

IUCN Red List assessments:
Extinct (in recent times): 0 species
Extinct in the Wild: 0 species= 0.0 %
Critically Endangered: 26 species= 35.6 %
Endangered: 19 species= 26.0 %
Vulnerable: 2 species= 2.7 %
Near Threatened: 11 species= 15.1 %
Least Concern: 5 species= 6.8 %
Data Deficient: 0 species= 0.0 %
Not Assessed: 10 species= 13.7 %


Batagur (River Terrapins)
Cuora (Asian Box Turtles)
Cyclemys (Asian Leaf Turtles)
Geoclemys (South Asian Spotted Pond Turtle)
Geoemyda (Black-breasted Leaf Turtles)
Hardella (Crowned River Turtle)
Heosemys (Forest Turtles)
Leucocephalon (Sulawesi Forest Turtle)
Malayemys (Southeast Asian Snail-eating Turtles)
Mauremys (Stripe-necked Turtles)
Melanochelys (Indian Black Turtles)
Morenia (Western Eyed Turtles)
Notochelys (Malayan Flat-shelled Turtle)
Orlitia (Malaysian Giant Turtle)
Pangshura (Roofed Turtles)
Rhinoclemmys (Neotropical Wood Turtles)
Sacalia (Eastern Eyed Turtles)
Siebenrockiella (Black Marsh Turtle & Philippine Pond Turtle)
Vijayachelys (Cochin Forest Cane Turtle)