IUCN Red List assessments
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IUCN Red Lists of Lizards (Sauria)
Taxonomy and distribution of the family Gymnophthalmidae
Bibliography of the family Gymnophthalmidae


Scaly-tongued Spectacled Tejus

IUCN Red List assessments:
Extinct (in recent times): 0 species
Extinct in the Wild: 0 species= 0.0 %
Critically Endangered: 3 species= 1.0 %
Endangered: 31 species= 10.3 %
Vulnerable: 14 species= 4.7 %
Near Threatened: 13 species= 4.3 %
Least Concern: 128 species= 42.5 %
Data Deficient: 42 species= 14.0 %
Not Assessed: 70 species= 23.3 %


Acratosaura (Bahia Spectacled Tejus)
Adercosaurus (Yutaje Mountains Spectacled Teju)
Alexandresaurus (Camacan Spectacled Teju)
Amapasaurus (Amapa Four-toed Spectacled Teju)
Anadia (Smooth-scaled Spectacled Tejus)
Andinosaura (Andean Spectacled Tejus)
Anotosaura (Dwarf Spectacled Tejus)
Arthrosaura (Creek Tejus)
Bachia (Earless Tejus)
Calyptommatus (Northeast Brazilian Earless Sand Sliders)
Caparaonia (Caparao Mountains Spectacled Teju)
Centrosaura (Costa Rican Rough Teju)
Cercosaura (Eastern Shade Tejuss)
Colobodactylus (Southeast Brazilian Spectacled Tejus)
Colobosaura (Short-thumbed Spectacled Tejus)
Colobosauroides (Lesser Spectacled Tejus)
Dendrosauridion (Yanesha Tree Spectacled Teju)
Dryadosaura (Dryades Spectacled Teju)
Echinosaura (Southern Rough Tejus)
Ecpleopus (Atlantic Forest Spectacled Teju)
Euspondylus (Sun Tejus)
Gelanesaurus (Short-tailed Water Tejus)
Gymnophthalmus (Snake-eyed Tejus)
Heterodactylus (Strange-toed Spectacled Tejus)
Iphisa (Glossy Shade Tejus)
Kaieteurosaurus (Kaieteur Spectacled Teju)
Leposoma (Eastern Root Tejus)
Loxopholis (Western Root Tejus)
Macropholidus (Large-scaled Spectacled Tejus)
Magdalenasaura (Magdalena Basin Spectacled Tejus)
Marinussaurus (Curupira Spectacled Teju)
Micrablepharus (Snake-eyed Glossy Tejus)
Neusticurus (Guianan Water Tejus)
Nothobachia (Piaui Sand Slider)
Oreosaurus (Northern Highland Spectacled Tejus)
Pantepuisaurus (Mount Maringma Spectacled Teju)
Petracola (Peruvian Rock Tejus)
Pholidobolus (Flat-headed Mountain Tejus)
Placosoma (Sharp-nosed Spectacled Tejus)
Potamites (Western Water Tejus)
Procellosaurinus (Smooth-scaled Sand Sliders)
Proctoporus (Lightbulb Tejus)
Psilops (Brazilian Keeled Sand Sliders)
Rhachisaurus (Espinhaco Mountains Spectacled Teju)
Rheosaurus (Guyana Rough Teju)
Riama (Southern Highland Spectacled Tejus)
Riolama (Tepui Spectacled Tejus)
Rondonops (Shield-naped Spectacled Tejus)
Scriptosaura (Catimbau Sand Slider)
Selvasaura (Peruvian Highland Spectacled Teju)
Stenolepis (Iguarassu Spectacled Teju)
Tretioscincus (Skink Tejus)
Vanzosaura (Red-tailed Spectacled Tejus)
Wilsonosaura (Junin Spectacled Teju)
Yanomamia (Tepui Root Tejus)