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Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Lacertidae
Bibliography of the genus Iberolacerta
Biodiversity of the family Lacertidae


Southern European Rock Lizards

Iberische Gebirgseidechsen

Sydeuropæiske Klippefirben

1997 Iberolacerta Arribas (type species: Lacerta muralis monticola Boulenger 1905)
1997 Pyrenesaura Arribas (type species: Lacerta monticola bonnali Lantz 1927)
Contents: 8 species, of which 3 (37.5%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: The species of this genus were previously included in Lacerta (e.g.; Arnold 1989). Some authors prefer to regard it as a subgenus of Lacerta (e.g., Sindaco & Jeremchenko 2008). I. horvathi was reported from extreme southern Germany (Arnold, Arribas & Carranza 2007; possibly the result of human introduction), but has not been found since.
Distribution: Andorra, Austria, Croatia, France, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain.

Iberolacerta aranica

Aran Rock Lizard

Val d’Aràn-Gebirgseidechse


1993 Lacerta bonnali aranica Arribas
Lacerta aranica Arribas 1996
Iberolacerta aranica Arribas 1997

Distribution: France, Spain.

Iberolacerta aurelioi

Lúrida Rock Lizard, (Aurelio's Rock Lizard)

Aurelios Gebirgseidechse


1994 Lacerta aurelioi Arribas
Iberolacerta aurelioi Arribas 1997

Distribution: Andorra, France, Spain.

Iberolacerta bonnali

Pyrenean Rock Lizard


Pyrenæisk Klippefirben

1927 Lacerta monticola bonnali Lantz
Lacerta bonnali Arribas Amo 1993
Iberolacerta bonnali Arribas 1997

Distribution: France, Spain.

Iberolacerta cyreni

Carpetane Rock Lizard, Carpetane Lizard, (Cyren's Rock Lizard)

Zentralspanische Gebirgseidechse

Carpetanisk Klippefirben

1937 Lacerta monticola cyreni Müller & Hellmich
Lacerta cyreni Arribas 1996
Iberolacerta cyreni Arribas 1997
1996 Lacerta cyreni castiliana Arribas
Iberolacerta cyreni castiliana Almeida, Rosa, Paulo & Crespo 2002

Remarks: Previously included martinezricai.
Distribution: Spain.

Iberolacerta cyreni
© Henrik Bringsøe

Iberolacerta galani

Leonean Rock Lizard, (Galan's Rock Lizard)

Leonische Gebirgseidechse, (Galans Gebirgseidechse)

Leonsk Klippefirben

2006 Iberolacerta galani Arribas, Carranza & Odierna

Distribution: Spain.

Iberolacerta galani
© Henrik Bringsøe

Iberolacerta horvathi

Croatian Rock Lizard, (Horvath's Rock Lizard)

Kroatische Gebirgseidechse

Kroatisk Klippefirben

1904 Lacerta horvathi Méhely
Lacerta muralis horvathi Boulenger 1913
Iberolacerta horvathi Arribas 1997

Remarks: Reported from extreme southern Germany (Arnold, Arribas & Carranza 2007; possibly the result of human introduction), but has not been found since.
Distribution: Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia.

Iberolacerta horvathi
© Henrik Bringsøe

Iberolacerta martinezricai

Sierra de Francia Rock Lizard, Peña de Francia Rock Lizard, Batuecan Rock Lizard, (Martinez-Rica's Rock Lizard)

Sierra de Francia-Gebirgseidechse

Sierra de Francia-klippefirben

1996 Lacerta cyreni martinezricai Arribas
Iberolacerta cyreni martinezricai Mayer & Arribas 2003
Iberolacerta martinezricai Arribas & Odierna 2004

Remarks: The studies of Crochet, Chaline, Surget-Groba, Debain & Cheylan (2004) revealed a closer relationship of this species to monticola than to cyreni, of which it was previously considered a subspecies. Elevated as a separate species by Arribas & Odierna (2004).
Distribution: Spain.

Iberolacerta martinezricai
© Henrik Bringsøe

Iberolacerta monticola

West Iberian Rock Lizard, (Iberian Rock Lizard, Iberian Mountain Lizard)

Nordwestiberische Gebirgseidechse

Vestiberisk Klippefirben

1905 Lacerta muralis monticola Boulenger
Lacerta monticola Schreiber 1912
Archaeolacerta monticola Lanza, Cei & Crespo 1977
Iberolacerta monticola Arribas 1997
1928 Lacerta estrellensis Cyrén (Arribas 1996)
1929 Lacerta monticola cantabrica Mertens
Iberolacerta monticola cantabrica Bischoff 2001
2014 Iberolacerta monticola astur Arribas, Galán, Remón & Naveira

Other common names:
cantabrica: Cantabrian Rock Lizard
Remarks: Previously included bonnali.
Distribution: Portugal, Spain.