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Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Scincidae
Bibliography of the genus Madascincus
Biodiversity of the family Scincidae


Madagascar Short-legged Skinks, (see also Mesomycterus)

Madagassische Kurzbeinskinke (sehe auch Mesomycterus)

Madagassiske Kortbenskinker (se også Mesomycterus)

1982 Madascincus Brygoo (type species: Gongylomorphus melanopleura Günther 1877)
Contents: 13 species, all of which are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously included in Scelotes (e.g., Boulenger 1887; Brygoo 1980) and, more recently, in Amphiglossus (e.g., Brygoo 1981).
Distribution: Madagascar (incl. Nosy Be).

Madascincus ankodabensis

Ankodabe Short-legged Skink



1930 Scelotes ankodabensis Angel
Amphiglossus ankodabensis Welch 1982
Madascincus ankodabensis Glaw & Vences 2007

Distribution: Madagascar.

Madascincus arenicola

Sakalava Short-legged Sand Skink



2011 Madascincus arenicola Miralles, Köhler, Glaw & Vences

Distribution: Madagascar.

Madascincus igneocaudatus

Red-tailed Short-legged Skink


Rødhalet Kortbenskink

1867 Gongylus igneocaudatus Grandidier
Scelotes igneocaudatus Boulenger 1887
Amphiglossus igneocaudatus Welch 1982
Madascincus igneocaudatus Whiting, Sites & Bauer 2004

Remarks: Validity confirmed by Brygoo (1984). Placed in the genus Madascincus by Glaw & Vences (2007).
Distribution: Madagascar.

Madascincus intermedius

Stripe-necked Short-legged Skinks, Stripe-necked Skinks

Halsstreifiger Kurzbeinskink

Stribehalset Kortbenskink

1913 Scelotes intermedius Boettger
Amphiglossus intermedius Welch 1982
Madascincus intermedius Whiting, Sites & Bauer 2004

Remarks: Validity confirmed by Brygoo (1984).
Distribution: Madagascar.

Madascincus macrolepis

Rusty Short-legged Skink


Rustrød Kortbenskink

1888 Scelotes macrolepis Boulenger
Amphiglossus macrolepis Welch 1982
Madascincus macrolepis Glaw & Vences 2007

Distribution: Madagascar.

Madascincus melanopleura

Black-sided Short-legged Skink, Black-sided Skink


Sortsidet Kortbenskink

1877 Gongylomorphus melanopleura Günther
Scelotes melanopleura Boulenger 1887
Amphiglossus melanopleura Brygoo 1981
Madascincus melanopleura Whiting, Sites & Bauer 2004
1918 Sepsina vulsini Barbour (Brygoo 1984)
Scelotes vulsini Angel 1942

Distribution: Madagascar.

Madascincus miafina

Ankarana Short-legged Sand Skink



2016 Madascincus miafina Miralles, Köhler, Glaw & Vences

Distribution: Madagascar.

Madascincus minutus

Light-sided Short-legged Skink

Hellseitiger Kurzbeinskink

Lyssidet Kortbenskink

1993 Amphiglossus minutus Raxworthy & Nussbaum
Madascincus minutus Glaw & Vences 2007

Distribution: Madagascar.

Madascincus mouroundavae

Morondava Short-legged Skink



1872 Gongylus mouroundavae Grandidier
Scelotes mouroundavae Mocquard 1895
Amphiglossus mouroundavae Welch 1982
Madascincus mouroundavae Whiting, Sites & Bauer 2004
1894 Scelotes bellyi Mocquard (Brygoo 1984)

Distribution: Madagascar.

Madascincus nanus

Dwarf Short-legged Skink



2002 Amphiglossus nanus Andreone & Greer
Madascincus nanus Glaw & Vences 2007

Distribution: Madagascar.

Madascincus polleni

Madagascar Coastal Short-legged Skink, Madagascar Coastal Skink



1869 Gongylus polleni Grandidier
Scelotes polleni Boulenger 1887
Amphiglossus polleni Brygoo 1981
Madascincus polleni Glaw & Vences 2007

Remarks: See under stumpffi.
Distribution: Madagascar.

Madascincus pyrurus

Ibity Short-legged Sand Skink



2016 Madascincus pyrurus Miralles, Köhler, Glaw & Vences

Distribution: Madagascar.

Madascincus stumpffi

Nosy Be Short-legged Skink, (Stumpff's Skink)


Nosy Be-kortbenskink

1882 Gongylus stumpffi Boettger
Scelotes stumpffi Brygoo 1980
Amphiglossus stumpffi Brygoo 1981
Madascincus stumpffi Whiting, Sites & Bauer 2004
1942 Scelotes astrolabi boettgeri Angel (Brygoo 1980)

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of Amphiglossus astrolabi (e.g., Angel 1942). Revalidated by Brygoo (1980), however, Glaw & Vences (2007) tentatively considered stumpffi a synonym of polleni.
Distribution: Madagascar (incl. Nosy Be).