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Pacific Ocean

Taxonomy of the genus Mokopirirakau Biodiversity of the family Diplodactylidae

Bibliography of the genus
Mokopirirakau (New Zealand Forest Geckos)

(Reptilia: Sauria: Diplodactylidae)

Note: In order to limit redundancy, relevant literature indexed in the related bibliographies in the left column may not have been included in this page. For a comprehensive search of literature, these bibliographies should therefore also be consulted.

Mokopirirakau in general

Hoare, J.M.; Melgren, P.; Chavel, E.E. 2013. Habitat use by southern forest geckos (Mokopirirakau 'Southern Forest') in the Catlins, Southland. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 40(2): 129-136.

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Romijn, R.L.; Nelson, N.J.; Monks, J.M. 2014. Forest geckos (Mokopirirakau 'Southern North Island') display diurno-nocturnal activity and are not reliant on retreats. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 41(2): 103-113.

Mokopirirakau cryptozoicus

Jewell, T. 2007. Hoplodactylus cryptozoicus (Reptilia: Diplodactylidae): extensions to distribution, habitat and morphology. Herpetofauna (Sydney) 37(1): 27-31.

Jewell, T.; Leschen, R. 2004. A new species of Hoplodactylus (Reptilia: Pygopodidae) from the Takitimu Mountains, South Island, New Zealand. Zootaxa 792: 1-11.

Mokopirirakau granulatus

Farmer, L. 2014. Live births: Forest Gecko (Mokopirirakau granulatus) photographed giving birth. BioGecko 2: 52-53.

Rowlands, R.P.V. 1979. Tail splitting in Hoplodactylus granulatus. Herpetofauna (Sydney) 10(2): 32.

Mokopirirakau kahutarae

Waite, J.; Collier, K. 2012. Range extension of the Black-eyed Gecko (Mokopirirakau kahutarae) in Kahurangi National Park. BioGecko 1: 40.

Whitaker, A.H. 1985. Hoplodactylus kahutarae n. sp. (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) from the Seaward Kaikoura Range, Marlborough, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 11(3): 259-270.

Mokopirirakau nebulosus

Thomas, B.W. 1981. Hoplodactylus rakiurae n. sp. (Reptilia: Gekkonidae) from Stewart Island, New Zealand, and comments on the taxonomic status of Heteropholis nebulosus McCann. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 8(1): 33-47.