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Taxonomy of the family Elapidae [terrestrial species]
Bibliography of the genus Rhinoplocephalus
Biodiversity of the family Elapidae [terrestrial species]


Australian Small-eyed Snakes


Småøjede Giftsnoge

1885 Rhinoplocephalus Müller (type species: Rhinoplocephalus bicolor Müller 1885)
1961 Cryptophis Worrell (type species: Hoplocephalus pallidiceps Günther 1858
1961 Unechis Worrell (type species: Unechis carpentariae Worrell 1961)
Contents: 6 species, of which 4 (66.7%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Some authors recognize Cryptophis as a valid genus (e.g., Aplin & Smith 2001; Wilson & Swan 2010; Cogger 2014).
Distribution: New Guinea, Australia.
Reported from: Australia (Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland [incl. Fraser Island, Torres Strait Islands (incl. Prince of Wales Island)], Victoria, Western Australia), Indonesia (Western New Guinea), Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea).

Rhinoplocephalus bicolor

Square-nosed Snake, (Müller’s Snake)


Kantsnudet Giftsnog

1885 Rhinoplocephalus bicolor Müller

Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Rhinoplocephalus boschmai

Carpentaria Small-eyed Snake, Eastern Carpentaria Snake, (Carpentaria Whip Snake)


Småøjet Carpentaria-giftsnog

1964 Denisonia boschmai Brongersma & Knaap-Van Meeuwen
Unechis boschmai Mengden 1983
Rhinoplocephalus boschmai Wilson & Knowles 1988
Cryptophis boschmai Wilson 2005
1961 Unechis carpentariae Worrell [not Hoplocephalus carpentariae Macleay 1887]

Remarks: Although listed as occurring in East Papua (Papua New Guinea) (e.g., Whitaker, Whitaker & Mills 1982), the species has so far only been reported (in New Guinea) from West Papua (Indonesia) (O'Shea 1996).
Distribution: Australia (Queensland), Indonesia (Western New Guinea).

Rhinoplocephalus incredibilis

Pink Snake

Hellrote Giftnatter

Lyserød Giftsnog

1985 Unechis incredibilis Wells & Wellington
Cryptophis incredibilis Shea & Sadlier 1999

Distribution: Australia (Queensland: Torres Strait Islands: Prince of Wales Island).

Rhinoplocephalus nigrescens

Eastern Small-eyed Snake

Östliche Kleinaugen-Giftnatter

Østlig Småøjet Giftsnog

1862 Hoplocephalus nigrescens Günther
Denisonia nigrescens Boulenger 1896
Cryptophis nigrescens Worrell 1961
Rhinoplocephalus nigrescens Hutchinson 1990
1863 Alecto permixta Jan (Golay & al. 1993)
1885 Hoplocephalus assimilis Macleay (Golay & al. 1993)
Rhinoplocephalus assimilis Wells & Wellington 1984
Cryptophis assimilis Wells & Wellington 1985
2012 Cryptophis edwardsi Hoser (Kaiser, Crother, Kelly, Luiselli, O'Shea, Ota, Passos, Schleip & Wüster 2013)

Introduced to: New Zealand.
Distribution: Australia (Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland [incl. Fraser Island], Victoria).

Rhinoplocephalus nigrostriatus

Australian Black-striped Snake

Schwarzgestreifte Kleinaugen-Giftnatter

Sortstribet Småøjet Giftsnog

1863 Alecto dorsalis Jan (Golay & al. 1993)
1864 Hoplocephalus nigrostriatus Krefft
Denisonia nigrostriata Boulenger 1896
Parasuta nigrostriata Worrell 1961
Suta nigrostriata Parker 1972
Unechis nigrostriatus Cogger 1975
Rhinoplocephalus nigrostriatus Storr 1984
Cryptophis nigrostriatus Wilson 2005
2012 Unechis durhami Hoser (Kaiser, Crother, Kelly, Luiselli, O'Shea, Ota, Passos, Schleip & Wüster 2013)

Distribution: Australia (Queensland), Indonesia (Western New Guinea), Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea).

Rhinoplocephalus pallidiceps

Northern Small-eyed Snake, Western Small-eyed Snake, Secretive Snake

Nördliche Kleinaugen-Giftnatter

Nordlig Småøjet Giftsnog

1858 Hoplocephalus pallidiceps Günther
Denisonia pallidiceps Boulenger 1896
Cryptophis pallidiceps Worrell 1961
Rhinoplocephalus pallidiceps Hutchinson 1990

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Western Australia).