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Taxonomy of the family Diplodactylidae
Bibliography of the genus Strophurus
Biodiversity of the family Diplodactylidae


Spiny-tailed Geckos and Tail-squirters, Phasmid Geckos



1845 Strophurus Fitzinger (type species: Phyllodactylus strophurus Dumeril & Bibron 1836)
1845 Strophura Gray (type species: Phyllodactylus strophurus Dumeril & Bibron 1836; syn. Bauer 1994)
1913 Oedurella Lönnberg & Andersson (type species: Oedurella taeniata Lönnberg & Andersson 1913; syn. Bauer 1994)
1985 Eremiastrophurus Wells & Wellington (type species: Diplodactylus elderi Stirling & Zietz 1893; syn. Bauer 1994)
Contents: 20 species, all of which are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously included in Diplodactylus (e.g., Cogger 1975). Revalidated by Wells & Wellington (1985).
Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia).

Strophurus assimilis

Goldfields Spiny-tailed Gecko, Thorn-tailed Gecko



1988 Diplodactylus assimilis Storr
Strophurus assimilis Wells & Wellington 1989

Distribution: Australia (South Australia, Western Australia).

Strophurus ciliaris

Northern Spiny-tailed Gecko, Common Spiny-tailed Gecko

Nördlicher Dornschwanzgecko

Nordlig Tornhalegekko

1885 Diplodactylus ciliaris Boulenger
Diplodactylus spinigerus ciliaris Loveridge 1934
Diplodactylus strophurus ciliaris Mitchell 1955
Strophurus ciliaris Wells & Wellington 1985
1952 Diplodactylus spinigerus aberrans Glauert (Bauer 1994)
Diplodactylus strophurus aberrans Mitchell 1955
Diplodactylus ciliaris aberrans Storr 1988
Strophurus aberrans Wells & Wellington 1984
Strophurus ciliaris aberrans Kluge 1991

Introduced to: New Zealand.
Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia).

Strophurus ciliaris
© Rune Midtgaard

Strophurus congoo

Einasleigh Spiny-tailed Gecko, (Congoo Gecko)



2016 Strophurus congoo Vanderduys

Distribution: Australia (Queensland).

Strophurus elderi

Jewelled Gecko, Jewelled Tail-squirter



1893 Diplodactylus elderi Stirling & Zietz
Strophurus elderi Wells & Wellington 1984
Eremiastrophurus elderi Wells & Wellington 1985
1985 Eremiastrophurus mahoodi Wells & Wellington (Shea & Sadlier 1999)

Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia).

Strophurus horneri

Arnhem Land Phasmid Gecko, Arnhem Phasmid Gecko



2014 Strophurus horneri Oliver & Parkin

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory).

Strophurus intermedius

Southern Spiny-tailed Gecko, (Eastern Spiny-tailed Gecko)

Südlicher Dornschwanzgecko

Sydlig Tornhalegekko

1892 Diplodactylus intermedius Ogilby
Diplodactylus strophurus intermedius Mitchell 1955
Diplodactylus ciliaris intermedius Kluge 1967
Strophurus intermedius Wells & Wellington 1984

Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia).

Strophurus jeanae

Southern Phasmid Gecko, (Jean's Striped Gecko)

Port Hedland-Dornschwanzgecko

Port Hedland-tornhalegekko

1988 Diplodactylus jeanae Storr
Oedurella jeanae Wells & Wellington 1985
Strophurus jeanae Kluge 1991

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Western Australia).

Strophurus krisalys

Mount Isa Spiny-tailed Gecko, (Kristin's Spiny-tailed Gecko)

Mount Isa-Dornschwanzgecko

Mount Isa-tornhalegekko

2005 Strophurus krisalys Sadlier, O'Meally & Shea

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland).

Strophurus mcmillani

Short-tailed Spiny-tailed Gecko, Short-tailed Striped Gecko


Korthalet Tornhalegekko

1978 Diplodactylus mcmillani Storr
Strophurus mcmillani Greer 1989
Diplodactylus macmillani [sic] Wells & Wellington 1985
Oedurella mcmillani Wells & Wellington 1989

Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Strophurus michaelseni

Robust Spiny-tailed Gecko, Striped Robust Tail-squirter, Robust Striped Gecko

Robuster Dornschwanzgecko

Robust Tornhalegekko

1910 Diplodactylus michaelseni Werner
Strophurus michaelseni Wells & Wellington 1985
Oedurella michaelseni Wells & Wellington 1989

Remarks: Previously included taeniatus.
Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Strophurus rankini

Exmouth Spiny-tailed Gecko, (Rankin's Spiny-tailed Gecko)



1979 Diplodactylus rankini Storr
Strophurus rankini Wells & Wellington 1984

Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Strophurus robinsoni

Northwestern Spiny-tailed Gecko, (Robinson's Spinifex Gecko)

Nordwestlicher Dornschwanzgecko

Nordvestlig Tornhalegekko

1995 Diplodactylus robinsoni Smith
Strophurus robinsoni Wilson & Swan 2003

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Western Australia).

Strophurus spinigerus

Southwestern Spiny-tailed Gecko, Soft Spiny-tailed Gecko, (Western Spiny-tailed Gecko)

Südwestlicher Dornschwanzgecko

Sydvestlig Tornhalegekko

1842 Diplodactylus spinigerus Gray
Strophura spinigera Gray 1845
Phyllodactylus spinigerus Duméril in Duméril & Duméril 1851
Diplodactylus strophurus spinigerus Mitchell 1955
Strophurus spinigerus Wells & Wellington 1984
1988 Diplodactylus spinigerus inornatus Storr

Other common names:
inornatus: Orange-eyed Southwestern Spiny-tailed Gecko
spinigerus: White-eyed Southwestern Spiny-tailed Gecko, Yellow-eyed Southwestern Spiny-tailed Gecko
Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Strophurus spinigerus
© Rune Midtgaard

Strophurus strophurus

Western Spiny-tailed Gecko, Western Ring-tailed Gecko

Westlicher Dornschwanzgecko

Vestlig Tornhalegekko

1836 Phyllodactylus strophurus Dumeril & Bibron
Diplodactylus strophurus Boulenger 1885
Strophurus strophurus Wells & Wellington 1984
1843 Discodactylus dumerilii Fitzinger (Bauer 1994)

Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Strophurus strophurus
© Rune Midtgaard

Strophurus taeniatus

Striped Phasmid Gecko


Hvidstribet Tornhalegekko

1913 Oedurella taeniata Lönnberg & Andersson
Diplodactylus taeniatus Cogger 1975
Strophurus taeniatus Wells & Wellington 1984

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of michaelseni (e.g., Wermuth 1965).
Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia).

Strophurus taenicauda

Golden-tailed Gecko


Gyldenhalet Tornhalegekko

1886 Diplodactylus taenicauda Vis
Strophurus taenicauda Wells & Wellington 1984
2012 Strophurus taenicauda albiocularis Brown, Wilmer & Macdonald
2012 Strophurus taenicauda triaureus Brown, Wilmer & Macdonald

Other common names:
albiocularis: Northern Golden-tailed Gecko
taenicauda: Southern Golden-tailed Gecko
triaureus: Central Golden-tailed Gecko
Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Queensland).

Strophurus taenicauda
© Rune Midtgaard

Strophurus trux

Golden-eyed Spiny-tailed Gecko, Golden-eyed Gecko


Gyldenøjet Tornhalegekko

2017 Strophurus trux Vanderduys

Distribution: Australia (Queensland).

Strophurus wellingtonae

Western Shield Spiny-tailed Gecko



1988 Diplodactylus wellingtonae Storr
Strophurus wellingtonae Wells & Wellington 1989

Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Strophurus williamsi

Eastern Spiny-tailed Gecko, Soft-spined Gecko

Östlicher Dornschwanzgecko

Østlig Tornhalegekko

1963 Diplodactylus williamsi Kluge
Strophurus williamsi Wells & Wellington 1984

Remarks: Listed for Victoria (e.g., Bauer 1994; Cogger 2014), but not included for the state by Robertson & Coventry (2019).
Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia).

Strophurus wilsoni

Mount Augustus Spiny-tailed Gecko

Mount Augustus-Dornschwanzgecko

Mount Augustus-tornhalegekko

1983 Diplodactylus wilsoni Storr
Strophurus wilsoni Wells & Wellington 1984

Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).