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Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Phyllodactylidae
Bibliography of the genus Asaccus
Biodiversity of the family Phyllodactylidae


Middle East Leaf-toed Geckos

Arabische Blattfingergeckos

Arabiske Bladfingergekkoer

1973 Asaccus Dixon & Anderson (type species: Phyllodactylus elisae Werner 1895)
Contents: 19 species, of which 14 (73.7%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Species of this genus were previously included in Phyllodactylus (e.g., Wermuth 1965).
Distribution: Iran, Iraq, Oman, Syria, Turkey, United Arab Emirates.

Asaccus andersoni

Illam Leaf-toed Gecko



2011 Asaccus andersoni Torki, Fathinia, Rostami, Gharzi & Nazari-Serenjeh

Distribution: Iran.

Asaccus arnoldi

Hajar Mountains Leaf-toed Gecko, (Arnold's Leaf-toed Gecko)



2017 Asaccus arnoldi Simó-Riudalbas, Tarroso, Papenfuss, Al-Sariri & Carranza

Distribution: Oman.

Asaccus barani

Harran Leaf-toed Gecko



2011 Asaccus barani Torki, Ahmadzadeh, Ilgaz, Avci & Kumlutas

Remarks: Known with certainty only fron Harran, Turkey (but see remarks under elisae).
Distribution: Turkey.

Asaccus caudivolvolus

Emirati Leaf-toed Gecko, (Musandam Leaf-toed Gecko)

Emiratischer Blattfingergecko

Emiratisk Bladfingergekko

1994 Asaccus caudivolvolus Arnold & Gardner

Remarks: Now restricted to the United Arab Emirates. Previously included the populations now assigned to gardneri and margaritae (Carranza, Simó-Riudalbas, Jayasinghe, Wilms & Els 2016). Records from Oman refer to these species.
Distribution: United Arab Emirates.

Asaccus elisae

Niniveh Leaf-toed Gecko



1895 Phyllodactylus elisae Werner
Asaccus elisae Dixon & Anderson 1973
1907 Phyllodactylus eugeniae Nikolski (Wettstein 1951; Wermuth 1965)

Remarks: Some Turkish populations have been described recently as barani. Remaining Turkish and Syrian populations need re-evaluation to clarify their status, as they might represent barani (Torki, Ahmadzadeh, Ilgaz, Avci & Kumlutas 2011; Sindaco, Venchi & Grieco 2013). Records from the Oman and United Arab Emirates refer to other species.
Distribution: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey.

Asaccus gallagheri

Masafi Leaf-toed Gecko, (Gallagher's Leaf-toed Gecko)



1972 Phyllodactylus gallagheri Arnold
Asaccus gallagheri Dixon & Anderson 1973

Distribution: Oman, United Arab Emirates.

Asaccus gardneri

Musandam Leaf-toed Gecko, (Gardner's Leaf-toed Gecko)



2016 Asaccus gardneri Carranza, Simó-Riudalbas, Jayasinghe, Wilms & Els

Remarks: Previously regarded as a population af caudivolvolus.
Distribution: Oman, United Arab Emirates.

Asaccus granularis

Granular-scaled Leaf-toed Gecko

Kleinschuppiger Blattfingergecko

Finskællet Bladfingergekko

2010 Asaccus granularis Torki

Distribution: Iran.

Asaccus griseonotus

Grey-marked Leaf-toed Gecko

Gräulicher Blattfingergecko

Gråbroget Bladfingergekko

1973 Asaccus griseonotus Dixon & Anderson
1973 Phyllodactylus ingae Eiselt (Arnold & Gardner 1994)

Distribution: Iran, Iraq.

Asaccus iranicus

Assaloye Leaf-toed Gecko



2011 Asaccus iranicus Torki, Ahmadzadeh, Ilgaz, Avci & Kumlutas

Distribution: Iran.

Asaccus kermanshahensis

Kermanshah Leaf-toed Gecko



1996 Asaccus kermanshahensis Rastegar-Pouyani

Distribution: Iran.

Asaccus kurdistanensis

Kurdish Leaf-toed Gecko

Kurdischer Blattfingergecko

Kurdisk Bladfingergekko

2006 Asaccus kurdistanensis Rastegar-Pouyani, Nilson & Faizi

Distribution: Iran.

Asaccus margaritae

Wadi al Helo Leaf-toed Gecko, (Margarita's Leaf-toed Gecko)


Wadi al Helo-bladfingergekko

2016 Asaccus margaritae Carranza, Simó-Riudalbas, Jayasinghe, Wilms & Els

Remarks: Previously regarded as a population af caudivolvolus.
Distribution: Oman, United Arab Emirates.

Asaccus montanus

Mountain Leaf-toed Gecko



1994 Asaccus montanus Gardner

Distribution: Oman.

Asaccus nasrullahi

Lorestan Leaf-toed Gecko

Lorestanischer Blattfingergecko

Lorestansk Bladfingergekko

2006 Asaccus nasrullahi Werner

Distribution: Iran.

Asaccus platyrhynchus

Flat-snouted Leaf-toed Gecko, Flat-headed Leaf-toed Gecko


Fladsnudet Bladfingergekko

1994 Asaccus platyrhynchus Arnold & Gardner

Distribution: Oman.

Asaccus saffinae

Mount Saffine Leaf-toed Gecko



2009 Asaccus saffinae Afrasiab & Mohamad

Remarks: Possibly a synonym of griseonotus (Torki, Ahmadzadeh, Ilgaz, Avci & Kumlutas 2011; Sindaco, Venchi & Grieco 2013).
Distribution: Iraq.

Asaccus tangestanensis

Tangestan Leaf-toed Gecko

Tangestanischer Blattfingergecko

Tangestansk Bladfingergekko

2011 Asaccus tangestanensis Torki, Ahmadzadeh, Ilgaz, Avci & Kumlutas

Distribution: Iran.

Asaccus zagrosicus

Zagros Leaf-toed Gecko



2011 Asaccus zagrosicus Torki, Ahmadzadeh, Ilgaz, Avci & Kumlutas

Distribution: Iran.