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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (www.repfocus.dk).
Latest update: February 11th, 2024.

Taxonomy of the family Dibamidae
Bibliography of the genus Dibamus
Biodiversity of the family Dibamidae


Oriental Blind Skinks, Wormlike Blind Skinks, (Worm Lizards)

Orientalische Schlangenschleichen, Altweltliche Schlangenechsen

Orientalske Blindskinker

1839 Dibamus Dumeril & Bibron (type species: Dibamus novaeguineae Dumeril & Bibron 1839)
1864 Typhloscincus Peters (type species: Typhloscincus martensii Peters 1864; syn. Greer 1985)
1867 Rhinophidion Fitzinger in Steindachner (type species: Rhinophidion nicobaricum Fitzinger in Steindachner 1867; syn. Greer 1985)

Contents: 26 species, of which 22 (84.6%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously assigned to the family Scincidae, along with Anelytropsis, the other genus of this family.
Distribution: SE. Asia, Malay Archipelago.
Reported from: Cambodia, China (Guangxi, Hainan, Hong Kong [incl. Shek Kwu Chau Island], Hunan, India (Andaman & Nicobar Islands [Nicobar Islands]), Indonesia (Bali, Buton, Flores, Halmahera, Komodo, Lombok, Morotai, Nias, Penida, Seram, Simeulue, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Sumba, Sumbawa, Ternate, Waigeo, Weh, Western New Guinea, Wetar), Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, West Malaysia [incl. Seribuat Archipelago (incl. Tioman)]), Philippines (Camiguin Sur, Camotes Islands, Pacijan, Cebu, Inampulugan, Mindanao, Negros, Palawan, Siquijor, Sulu Islands [Basilan, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi, Papahag], Thailand, Vietnam (incl. Cat Ba Island, Con Dao Islands [Con Son]).

Dibamus alfredi

Pattani Blind Skink, (Alfred's Dibamid Lizard, Alfred’s Snake Skink)

Alfreds Schlangenschleiche


1962 Dibamus alfredi Taylor

Remarks: Endemic to southern Thailand (Das 2010). A single record of novaeguineae from Kelantan, West Malaysia (Tweedie 1950) may refer to alfredi (Greer 1985). Records of from Nias (e.g., Greer 1985) refer to dezwaani (Das & Lim 2005). A record of from Tioman, West Malaysia (Lim & Kim 1999, as D. cf. alfredi) refer to tiomanensis (Diaz, Leong, Grismer & Yaakob 2004). Records from Borneo (Sabah) refer to ingeri or vorisi (Das & Lim 2003; Das 2007c).
Distribution: Thailand.

Dibamus bogadeki

Hong Kong Blind Skink, (Bogadek's Blind Skink)

Hong Kong-Schlangenschleiche

Hong Kong-blindskink

1992 Dibamus bogadeki Darevsky

Distribution: China (Hong Kong [incl. Shek Kwu Chau Island]).

Dibamus booliati

Kelantan Blind Skink, (Boo Liat's Blind Skink)



2003 Dibamus booliati Das & Yaakob

Remarks: Apparently omitted by Grismer (2008).
Distribution: Malaysia (West Malaysia).

Dibamus bourreti

Indochinese Blind Skink, (Bourret's Blind Skink)

Indochinesische Schlangenschleiche

Indokinesisk Blindskink

1935 Dibamus bourreti Angel

Distribution: China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong, Hunan), Vietnam (incl. Cat Ba Island).

Dibamus celebensis

Sulawesi Blind Skink



1858 Dibamus celebensis Schlegel

Distribution: Indonesia (Sulawesi).

Dibamus dalaiensis

Phnom Dalai Blind Skink

Kambodschanische Schlangenschleiche

Cambodiansk Blindskink

2011 Dibamus dalaiensis Neang, Holden, Eastoe, Seng, Ith & Grismer

Distribution: Cambodia.

Dibamus deharvengi

Southern Vietnamese Blind Skink, (De Harveng's Blind Skink)

Südvietnamesische Schlangenschleiche

Sydvietnamesisk Blindskink

1999 Dibamus deharvengi Ineich

Distribution: Vietnam.

Dibamus deimontis

Nui Chua Blind Skink


Nui Chua-blindskink

2024 Dibamus deimontis Kliukin, Bragin, Nguyen, Le, Tran, Gorin & Poyarkov

Distribution: Vietnam.

Dibamus dezwaani

Nias Blind Skink, (De Zwaan's Blind Skink)



2005 Dibamus dezwaani Das & Lim

Distribution: Indonesia (Nias).

Dibamus floweri

Pahang Blind Skink



2017 Dibamus floweri Quah, Anuar, Grismer & Grassby-Lewis

Distribution: Malaysia (West Malaysia).

Dibamus greeri

Central Vietnamese Blind Skink, (Greer's Blind Skink)

Zentralvietnamesische Schlangenschleiche

Centralvietnamesisk Blindskink

1992 Dibamus greeri Darevsky

Distribution: Vietnam.

Dibamus ingeri

Sabah Highland Blind Skink, (Inger's Blind Skink)



2003 Dibamus ingeri Das & Lim

Distribution: Malaysia (Sabah).

Dibamus kondaoensis

Kondao Blind Skink



2001 Dibamus kondaoensis Honda, Ota, Hikida & Darevsky

Distribution: Vietnam (Con Dao Islands: Con Son).

Dibamus leucurus

White-tailed Blind Skink


Hvidhalet Blindskink

1860 Typhlina leucurus Bleeker
Dibamus leucurus Greer 1985
1915 Dibamus argenteus Taylor (Greer 1985)

Other common names:
argenteus: Philippine Blind Earless Lizard
Remarks: Reports from the Nicobar Islands refer to nicobaricus (Das 1999). Some authors regard argenteus as a valid species (e.g., Alcala, Alcala & Dolino 2004).
Distribution: Indonesia (Sumatra, Weh), Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak), Philippines (Camiguin Sur, Inampulugan, Mindanao, Negros, Palawan, Siquijor, Sulu Islands).

Dibamus manadotuaensis

Manado Tua Blind Skink


Manado Tua-blindskink

2019 Dibamus manadotuaensis Koppetsch, Böhme & Koch

Distribution: Indonesia (Manado Tua).

Dibamus montanus

Mountain Blind Skink



1921 Dibamus montanus Smith

Remarks: Records from Con Son (=Kondao Island) (e.g., Darevsky 1992) refer to kondaoensis (Honda, Ota, Hikida & Darevsky 2001). However, Nguyen, Ho & Nguyen (2009) still included the island in the range of the species. Taxonomic status of a Cambodian record tentatively assigned to this species (Ineich 1999) is uncertain.
Distribution: Cambodia, Vietnam.

Dibamus nicobaricus

Nicobar Blind Skink, Nicobarese Worm Lizard

Nicobarische Schlangenschleiche

Nicobarisk Blindskink

1867 Rhinophidion nicobaricum Fitzinger in Steindachner
Dibamus nicobaricus Boulenger 1887

Remarks: Status uncertain (Honda, Ota, Hikida & Darevsky 2001).
Distribution: India (Andaman & Nicobar Islands: Nicobar Islands).

Dibamus novaeguineae

Indo-Australian Blind Skink, (Degraded Burrowing Lizard)



1839 Dibamus novaeguineae Dumeril & Bibron
1864 Typhloscincus martensii Peters (Greer 1985)

Remarks: Reports from the Nicobar Islands, India, refer to nicobaricus (Das 1999). A single record from West Malaysia (Tweedie 1950) probably refer to alfredi (Greer 1985). Records fron Nias, Indonesia (e.g., Rooij 1915) refer to dezwaani (Das & Lim 2005). A record from Simeulue, Indonesia (de Rooij 1922), refer to tebal (Das & Lim 2009). Records from Borneo refer to leucurus (Das 2007c).
Distribution: Indonesia (Buton, Halmahera, Morotai, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Ternate, Waigeo, Weh, Western New Guinea), Philippines (Camotes Islands, Pacijan, Cebu, Mindanao, Negros, Palawan, Sulu Islands [Basilan, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi, Papahag]).

Dibamus seramensis

Seram Blind Skink



1985 Dibamus seramensis Greer

Distribution: Indonesia (Seram).

Dibamus smithi

Langbian Plateau Blind Skink, (Smith's Blind Skink)



1985 Dibamus smithi Greer

Remarks: Records from Kondao Island (e.g., Darevsky 1990) refer to kondaoensis (Honda, Ota, Hikida & Darevsky 2001).
Distribution: Vietnam.

Dibamus somsaki

Chantaburi Blind Skink, Khao Soi Dao Snake Skink, (Somsak's Dibamid Lizard)



1997 Dibamus somsaki Honda, Nabhitabhata, Ota & Hikida

Distribution: Thailand.

Dibamus taylori

Lesser Sunda Blind Skink, (Taylor's Oriental Burrowing Lizard)



1985 Dibamus taylori Greer

Remarks: Probably occurs throughout Lesser Sunda Islands.
Distribution: Indonesia (Bali, Flores, Komodo, Lombok, Penida, Sumba, Sumbawa, Wetar).

Dibamus tebal

Simeulue Blind Skink



2009 Dibamus tebal Das & Lim

Distribution: Indonesia (Simeulue).

Dibamus tiomanensis

Tioman Blind Skink



2004 Dibamus tiomanensis Diaz, Leong, Grismer & Yaakob

Remarks: Apparently omitted by Grismer (2008).
Distribution: Malaysia (West Malaysia: Seribuat Archipelago: Tioman).

Dibamus tropcentr

Nin Thuan Blind Skink


Nin Thuan-blindskink

2023 Dibamus tropcentr Kliukin, Nguyen, Le, Bragin, Tran, Gorin & Poyarkov

Distribution: Vietnam.

Dibamus vorisi

Sabah Lowland Blind Skink, (Voris's Blind Skink)



2003 Dibamus vorisi Das & Lim

Distribution: Malaysia (Sabah).