Reptiles of
Morotai [Indonesia]

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Bibliography of the reptiles of Morotai Taxonomic history of the reptiles of Morotai Introduced species
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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (Compilation date: 14th April, 2023).

General remarks: The list includes only formally described species. Newly discovered, but still unnamed species are excluded. However, unnamed species or species unassigned to species level are included, if they are the only representatives of their genus in the region. Species counts exclude extinct and introduced species. Doubtful records, typically older voucher specimens of uncertain origin, have been excluded if considered questionable, as are records based on sources considered unreliable or controversial.
Note: Your comments to the checklist (omissions, errors, etc.) are welcomed, preferably if they are provided with reliable references. If possible, please attach a pdf file of the relevant reference to an email addressed to:
Lizards (Sauria)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Agamidae (Agamas and Dragons)
Genus Bronchocela (Long-tailed Agamas)
Bronchocela cristatella

Malayan Green Crested Agama

Brongersma 1948 Jong 1928 Tanner 1950
Genus Hydrosaurus (Sail-tailed Agamas)
Hydrosaurus weberi

Halmahera Sail-tailed Agama

Tanner 1950
 Family Dibamidae (Blind Skinks)
Genus Dibamus (Oriental Blind Skinks)
Dibamus novaeguineae

Indo-Australian Blind Skink

Jong 1928
 Family Gekkonidae (Typical Geckos)
Genus Cyrtodactylus (Australasian Bent-toed Geckos)
Cyrtodactylus deveti

Moluccan Bent-toed Gecko

Brongersma 1948 Wermuth 1965
Cyrtodactylus marmoratus

Marbled Bent-toed Gecko

Mertens 1930 Rooij 1915
Genus Gehyra (Four-clawed Geckos)
Gehyra marginata

Giant Moluccan Dtella

Brongersma 1948 Rooij 1915 Tanner 1950 Wermuth 1965
Gehyra mutilata

Common Four-clawed Gecko

Brongersma 1948
Gehyra oceanica

Oceanic Gecko

Tanner 1950
Genus Gekko (Tokays)
Gekko vittatus

White-striped Gecko

Brongersma 1948 Rooij 1915 Tanner 1950
Genus Hemidactylus (Half-toed Geckos)
Hemidactylus frenatus

Asian House Gecko

Brongersma 1948 Tanner 1950
Genus Lepidodactylus (Scaly-toed Geckos)
Lepidodactylus lugubris

Common Mourning Gecko

Brongersma 1948 Tanner 1950
Genus Nactus (Hook-toed Geckos)
Nactus arceo

Morotai Hook-toed Gecko

Tanner 1950 Zug 2020
 Family Scincidae (Skinks)
Genus Carlia (Australian-Pacific Rainbow Skinks)
Carlia tutela

Moluccan Rainbow Skink

Zug 2004
Genus Emoia (Emo Skinks)
Emoia kuekenthali

East Indonesian Slender Skink

Brown 1991
Emoia reimschisseli

Morotai Slender Skink

Brown 1991
Emoia sorex

Halmahera Slender Skink

Brown 1991 Jong 1928
Genus Eugongylus (Short-legged Giant Skinks)
Eugongylus mentovarius

Moluccan Recluse Skink

Brongersma 1948 Shea 2018 Tanner 1950
Genus Eutropis (South Asian Sun Skinks)
Eutropis multifasciata

Many-lined Sun Skink

Brongersma 1948 Tanner 1950
Genus Lamprolepis (Malay Archipelago Tree Skinks)
Lamprolepis smaragdina

Emerald Tree Skink

Brongersma 1948 Rooij 1915 Tanner 1950
Genus Lygisaurus (Sahul Leaf-Litter Skinks)
Lygisaurus sp.

(Australian-Papuan Leaf-Litter Skink)

Brongersma 1948 [as novaeguineae] Jong 1928 [as novaeguineae] Tanner 1950 [as novaeguineae]
Genus Ornithuroscincus (Smooth-eared Skinks)
Ornithuroscincus noctua

Moth Skink

Tanner 1950 Zweifel 1979
Genus Sphenomorphus (Indo-Pacific Forest Skinks)
Sphenomorphus consobrinus

Bacan Forest Skink

Shea 2017 Tanner 1950
Sphenomorphus jobiensis

Yapen Forest Skink

Tanner 1950
Sphenomorphus minutus

Papuan Dwarf Forest Skink

Tanner 1950
Sphenomorphus solomonis

Solomon Forest Skink

Brongersma 1948 Greer & Parker 1974 Tanner 1950
Genus Tiliqua (Blue-tongued Skinks)
Tiliqua gigas

Giant Blue-tongued Skink

Shea 1990 Tanner 1950
 Family Varanidae (Monitor Lizards)
Genus Varanus (Monitor Lizards)
Varanus caerulivirens

Turquoise Monitor

Weijola 2010
Varanus rainerguentheri

Moluccan Mangrove Monitor

Boehme 2003 [as indicus] Boehme, Horn & Ziegler 1994 [as indicus] Brongersma 1948 [as indicus] Dryden & Ziegler in Pianka, King & King (eds.) 2004 [as indicus] Koch, Auliya & Ziegler 2010 Somma & Koch 2012 Weijola 2010 Ziegler, Schmitz, Koch & Boehme 2007 [as indicus]

Snakes (Serpentes)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Boidae (Typical Boas)
Genus Candoia (Pacific Boas)
Candoia carinata

Pacific Tree Boa

Jong 1928
Candoia paulsoni

Pacific Ground Boa

Brongersma 1948 [as carinatus] Haas 1950 [as Enygrus carinata] Iskandar & Colijn 2001 [as C. carinata] Lang 2013 Smith, Chiszar, Tepedelen & Breukelen 2001 Tanner 1950 [as Enygrus carinatus]
 Family Colubridae (Typical Snakes or Colubrids)
Genus Boiga (Australasian Cat Snakes)
Boiga irregularis

Brown Cat Snake

Brongersma 1948 Haas 1950 Iskandar & Colijn 2001 Jong 1928 Lang 2013 Orlov & Ryabov 2002 Tanner 1950
Genus Dendrelaphis (Bronzebacks)
Dendrelaphis calligaster

Northern Australian Bronzeback

Tanner 1950
Dendrelaphis modestus

Northern Moluccan Bronzeback

Brongersma 1948 Haas 1950 Iskandar & Colijn 2001 Lang 2013 Rooijen & Vogel 2012
Genus Stegonotus (Indo-Australian Ground Snakes)
Stegonotus batjanensis

Bacan Ground Snake

Brongersma 1948 Haas 1950 Iskandar & Colijn 2001 Jong 1928 Kaiser, Kaiser & O'Shea 2018 Lang 2013 Rooij 1917 Tanner 1950
Genus Tropidonophis (Indo-Australian Keelbacks)
Tropidonophis truncatus

Halmahera Keelback

Lang 2013 Tanner 1950
 Family Homalopsidae (Australasian Mud Snakes)
Genus Brachyorrhos (Moluccan Short-tailed Snakes)
Brachyorrhos wallacei

Halmahera Short-tailed Snake

Haas 1950 [as albus] Iskandar & Colijn 2001 [as albus] Jong 1928 [as albus] Murphy, Mumpuni, Lang, Gower & Sanders 2012 [as B. sp.]
 Family Typhlopidae (Typical Blind Snakes)
Genus Ramphotyphlops (Western Pacific Blind Snakes)
Ramphotyphlops flaviventer

Yellow-bellied Blind Snake

Brongersma 1934 Brongersma 1948 Hahn 1980 Iskandar & Colijn 2001 Jong 1928 Lang 2013 McDiarmid, Campbell & Toure 1999 McDowell 1974 Tanner 1950