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Latest update: October 31st, 2023.

Taxonomy of the family Phyllodactylidae
Bibliography of the genus Homonota
Biodiversity of the family Phyllodactylidae


Broad-headed Geckos, Marked Geckos



1845 Homonota Gray (type species: Gymnodactylus guidichaudi [lapsus for gaudichaudii] Dumeril & Bibron 1835; [=Homonota darwini; see remarks])
1845 Cubina Gray (type species: Gymnodactylus fasciatus Dumeril & Bibron 1836; syn. Kluge 1991)
1845 Cubinia Gray [substitute name for Cubina Gray 1845]
1954 Wallsaurus Underwood (type species: Gymnodactylus horridus Burmeister 1861; syn. Kluge 1964)
1965 Garthia Donoso-Barros & Vanzolini (type species: Gymnodactylus gaudichaudii Dumeril & Bibron 1836; syn. Kluge 1993)
Contents: 17 species, of which 11 (64.7%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: When Gray (1845) designated Gymnodactylus guidichaudi Dumeril & Bibron 1835 as type species of the genus, he had in fact a specimen of Homonota darwini in his hands (Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970; Cei 1986).
Distribution: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil (Mato Grosso, Rio Grande do Sul), Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay.

Homonota andicola

Mendoza Broad-headed Gecko



1978 Homonota andicola Cei

Distribution: Argentina.

Homonota borellii

Salta Broad-headed Gecko



1897 Gymnodactylus borellii Peracca
Homonota borelli Kluge 1964

Distribution: Argentina, Paraguay.

Homonota darwinii

Prickly Broad-headed Gecko

Dorniger Breitkopfgecko

Tornet Bredhovedgekko

1885 Homonota darwinii Boulenger
1978 Homonota darwinii macrocephala Cei

Distribution: Argentina.

Homonota fasciata

(no common name)



1836 Gymnodactylus fasciatus Dumeril & Bibron 1836 [non Uromastix fasciatus Menetries 1832]
Cubinia fasciata Gray 1845
Homonota fasciata Kluge 1964
1965 Gymnodactylus pasteuri Wermuth [substitute name for Gymnodactylus fasciatus Duméril & Bibron 1836]
Homonota pasteuri Wermuth 1965

Remarks: The type locality ("Martinique") is considered erroneous (Kluge 1964).
Distribution: Unknown.

Homonota gaudichaudii

Chilean Broad-headed Gecko

Chilenischer Breitkopfgecko

Chilensk Bredhovedgekko

1836 Gymnodactylus gaudichaudii Dumeril & Bibron
Gonatodes gaudichaudii Werner 1898
Homonota gaudichaudii Kluge 1964
Garthia gaudichaudii Donoso-Barros & Vanzolini 1965
1836 Gymnodactylus dorbignii Duméril & Bibron (Kluge 1993)
Homonota dorbignii Kluge 1964
Garthia gaudichaudii dorbingvi [sic] Donoso-Barros & Vanzolini 1965
Garthia dorbignyi Donoso-Barros 1966
Homonota gaudichaudii dorbignii Welch 1994
1970 Garthia gaudichaudii klugei Donoso-Barros
Homonota gaudichaudi klugei Kluge 1991

Distribution: Bolivia, Chile.

Homonota horrida

Banded Broad-headed Gecko

Gebänderter Breitkopfgecko

Båndet Bredhovedgekko

1861 Gymnodactylus horridus Burmeister
Wallsaurus horridus Underwood 1954
Homonota horrida Kluge 1964
1895 Gymnodactylus mattogrossensis Berg (Kluge 1964)

Remarks: The taxonomic history of this species has been confused. It has been treated as a valid species (e.g., Kluge 1964; Pincheira-Donoso 2002) or as a synonym of fasciata (e.g., Trutnau, Monzel & Consul 2016). Confirmed as a valid species by Cacciali, Morando, Medina, Köhler, Motte & Avila (2017). Previously reported from Brazil based on the type locality ("Mato Grosso") of mattogrossensis, which at the time of the description referred to a much larger region than today, however, Kluge (1964) believed the type to have come from the current state of Mato Grosso. Costa & Bérnils (2018), however, did not regard the species as occurring in Brazil. Records from Bolivia refer to septentrionalis (Cacciali, Morando, Medina, Köhler, Motte & Avila 2017). Cabral & Cacciali (2021) showed no localities outside Argentina in their distribution map.
Distribution: Argentina, Paraguay.

Homonota itambere

Paraguari Broad-headed Gecko



2021 Homonota itambere Cabral & Cacciali

Distribution: Paraguay.

Homonota marthae

Boquerón Broad-headed Gecko

Boquerón Breitkopfgecko

Boquerón Bredhovedgekko

2018 Homonota marthae Cacciali, Morando, Avila & Köhler

Distribution: Paraguay.

Homonota penai

Coquimbo Broad-headed Gecko



1965 Garthia penai Donoso-Barros
Homonota penai Kluge 1993

Distribution: Chile.

Homonota rupicola

Naranjo Mountains Broad-headed Gecko, Cerro Naranjo Broad-headed Gecko



2007 Homonota rupicola Cacciali, Avila & Bauer

Distribution: Paraguay.

Homonota septentrionalis

Northern Broad-headed Gecko

Nördliche Breitkopfgecko

Nordlig Bredhovedgekko

2017 Homonota septentrionalis Cacciali, Morando, Medina, Köhler, Motte & Avila

Distribution: Bolivia, Paraguay.

Homonota taragui

Corrientes Broad-headed Gecko, Taragui Gecko



2013 Homonota taragui Cajade, Etchepare, Falcione, Barasso & Alvarez

Distribution: Argentina.

Homonota underwoodi

San Juan Broad-headed Gecko, (Underwood's Marked Gecko)


San Juan-bredhovedgekko

1964 Homonota underwoodi Kluge

Distribution: Argentina.

Homonota uruguayensis

Uruguayan Broad-headed Gecko

Uruguayischer Breitkopfgecko

Uruguayisk Bredhovedgekko

1961 Wallsaurus uruguayensis Vaz-Ferreira & Soriano
Gymnodactylus uruguayensis Wermuth 1965
Homonota uruguayensis Kluge 1964

Remarks: Sometimes placed in a separate genus, Wallsaurus, together with horrida.
Distribution: Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul), Uruguay.

Homonota whitii

Cordoba Broad-headed Gecko



1885 Homonota whitii Boulenger

Distribution: Argentina.

Homonota williamsii

Ventania Mountains Broad-headed Gecko



2012 Homonota williamsii Avila, Perez, Minoli & Morando

Distribution: Argentina.

Homonota xiru

Xiru Broad-headed Gecko



2023 Homonota xiru Carvalho, Laspiur, Klaczko, Rivas, Rodrigues, Sena & Céspedes

Remarks: Previously considered a population of uruguayensis (Malleret, Pisetta, Fagundes & Verrastro 2023).
Distribution: Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul).