IUCN Red List assessments
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IUCN Red Lists of Snakes (Serpentes)
Taxonomy and distribution of the family Lamprophiidae
Bibliography of the family Lamprophiidae


House Snakes, etc.

IUCN Red List assessments:
Extinct (in recent times): 0 species
Extinct in the Wild: 0 species= 0.0 %
Critically Endangered: 3 species= 0.9 %
Endangered: 10 species= 3.0 %
Vulnerable: 11 species= 3.3 %
Near Threatened: 17 species= 5.1 %
Least Concern: 240 species= 71.9 %
Data Deficient: 21 species= 6.3 %
Not Assessed: 32 species= 9.6 %


Alluaudina (Madagascar Keeled Snakes)
Alopecion (Spotted House Snake)
Amblyodipsas (Purple-glossed Snakes & Quill-snouted Snakes)
Amplorhinus (Many-spotted Snake)
Aparallactus (African Centipede Eaters)
Atractaspis (Stiletto Snakes)
Boaedon (Afro-Arabian House Snakes)
Bofa (Ethiopian Forest Snake)
Bothrolycus (Black Loreal-pitted Snake)
Bothrophthalmus (Red-and-Black Striped Snakes)
Brygophis (Fiherenana White-spotted Snake)
Buhoma (African Forest Snakes)
Chamaelycus (African Banded Snakes)
Chilorhinophis (Black-and-Yellow Burrowing Snakes)
Compsophis (Madagascar Big-headed Snakes)
Dendrolycus (Central African Banded Snake)
Dipsina (Dwarf Beaked Snake)
Ditypophis (Socotra Night Snake)
Dromicodryas (Madagascar Striped Snakes)
Dromophis (Olympic Snakes)
Duberria (African Slug Eaters)
Elapotinus (White-collared Forest Snake)
Gonionotophis (Lesser File Snakes)
Gracililima (Black File Snake)
Hemirhagerrhis (Bark Snakes)
Heteroliodon (Madagascar Dwarf Snakes)
Homoroselaps (African Harlequin Snakes)
Hormonotus (Yellow Forest Snake)
Hypoptophis (Wedge-snouted Burrowing Snake)
Inyoka (Swazi Rock Snake)
Ithycyphus (Madagascar Night Snakes)
Kladirostratus (Striped Beaked Snakes)
Lamprophis (SubSaharan House Snakes)
Langaha (Madagascar Leaf-nosed Snakes)
Leioheterodon (Madagascar Hognose Snakes)
Limaformosa (Venus File Snakes)
Liophidium (Madagascar Smooth Snakes)
Liopholidophis (Madagascar Smooth Water Snakes)
Lycodonomorphus (Southern African Water Snakes)
Lycodryas (Madagascar-Comoran Tree Snakes)
Lycophidion (African Wolf Snakes)
Macrelaps (Natal Black Snake)
Madagascarophis (Madagascar Cat Snakes)
Malpolon (Montpellier Snakes)
Mehelya (Greater File Snakes)
Micropisthodon (Chevron-necked Snake)
Mimophis (Madagascar Sand Snakes)
Montaspis (Cream-spotted Mountain Snake)
Pararhadinaea (Black-bellied Burrowing Snake)
Parastenophis (Betsileo White-banded Tree Snake)
Phisalixella (Madagascar Banded Tree Snakes)
Poecilopholis (Efulen Burrowing Snake)
Polemon (African Snake Eaters)
Prosymna (Shovel-snout Snakes)
Psammodynastes (Asian Mock Vipers)
Psammophis (Old World Sand Snakes and Grass Snakes)
Psammophylax (Skaapstekers)
Pseudaspis (African Mole Snake)
Pseudoboodon (Ethiopian Labial-pitted Snakes)
Pseudoxyrhopus (Madagascar Ground Snakes)
Pythonodipsas (Western Keeled Snake)
Rhamphiophis (Beaked Snakes)
Thamnosophis (Madagascar Thicket Water Snakes)