IUCN Red List assessments
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IUCN Red Lists of Snakes (Serpentes)
Taxonomy and distribution of the family Lamprophiidae
Bibliography of the family Lamprophiidae


House Snakes, etc.

IUCN Red List assessments:
Extinct (in recent times): 0 species
Extinct in the Wild: 0 species= 0.0 %
Critically Endangered: 3 species= 0.9 %
Endangered: 11 species= 3.2 %
Vulnerable: 11 species= 3.2 %
Near Threatened: 15 species= 4.4 %
Least Concern: 250 species= 72.9 %
Data Deficient: 22 species= 6.4 %
Not Assessed: 31 species= 9.0 %


Alluaudina (Madagascar Keeled Snakes)
Amblyodipsas (Purple-glossed Snakes & Quill-snouted Snakes)
Amplorhinus (Many-spotted Snake)
Aparallactus (African Centipede Eaters)
Atractaspis (Stiletto Snakes)
Boaedon (Afro-Arabian House Snakes)
Bothrolycus (Black Loreal-pitted Snake)
Bothrophthalmus (Red-and-Black Striped Snakes)
Brachyophis (Somali Short Snakes)
Brygophis (Fiherenana White-spotted Snake)
Buhoma (African Forest Snakes)
Chamaelycus (African Banded Snakes)
Chilorhinophis (Black-and-Yellow Burrowing Snakes)
Compsophis (Madagascar Big-headed Snakes)
Cyclocorus (Triangle-spotted Snakes)
Dendrolycus (Central African Banded Snake)
Dipsina (Dwarf Beaked Snake)
Ditypophis (Socotra Night Snake)
Dromicodryas (Madagascar Striped Snakes)
Dromophis (Olympic Snakes)
Duberria (African Slug Eaters)
Elapotinus (White-collared Forest Snake)
Gonionotophis (Lesser File Snakes)
Gracililima (Black File Snake)
Hemirhagerrhis (Bark Snakes)
Heteroliodon (Madagascar Dwarf Snakes)
Hologerrhum (Philippine Cylindrical Snakes)
Homoroselaps (African Harlequin Snakes)
Hormonotus (Yellow Forest Snake)
Hypoptophis (Wedge-snouted Burrowing Snake)
Inyoka (Swazi Rock Snake)
Ithycyphus (Madagascar Night Snakes)
Kladirostratus (Striped Beaked Snakes)
Lamprophis (SubSaharan House Snakes)
Langaha (Madagascar Leaf-nosed Snakes)
Leioheterodon (Madagascar Hognose Snakes)
Levitonius (Waray Dwarf Burrowing Snake)
Limaformosa (Venus File Snakes)
Liophidium (Madagascar Smooth Snakes)
Liopholidophis (Madagascar Smooth Water Snakes)
Lycodonomorphus (Southern African Water Snakes)
Lycodryas (Madagascar-Comoran Tree Snakes)
Lycophidion (African Wolf Snakes)
Macrelaps (Natal Black Snake)
Madagascarophis (Madagascar Cat Snakes)
Malpolon (Montpellier Snakes)
Mehelya (Greater File Snakes)
Micrelaps (Afro-Asian Black-headed Snakes)
Micropisthodon (Chevron-necked Snake)
Mimophis (Madagascar Sand Snakes)
Montaspis (Cream-spotted Mountain Snake)
Myersophis (Luzon Alpine Snake)
Oxyrhabdium (Philippine Burrowing Snakes)
Pararhadinaea (Black-bellied Burrowing Snake)
Parastenophis (Betsileo White-banded Tree Snake)
Phisalixella (Madagascar Banded Tree Snakes)
Polemon (African Snake Eaters)
Prosymna (Shovel-snout Snakes)
Psammodynastes (Asian Mock Vipers)
Psammophis (Old World Sand Snakes and Grass Snakes)
Psammophylax (Skaapstekers)
Pseudaspis (African Mole Snake)
Pseudoboodon (Ethiopian Labial-pitted Snakes)
Pseudoxyrhopus (Madagascar Ground Snakes)
Pythonodipsas (Western Keeled Snake)
Rhamphiophis (Beaked Snakes)
Thamnosophis (Madagascar Thicket Water Snakes)