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Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Lamprophiidae
Bibliography of the genus Ithycyphus
Biodiversity of the family Lamprophiidae


Madagascar Night Snakes



1843 Periscopus Fitzinger (type species: Herpetodryas goudoti Schlegel 1854)
1873 Ithycyphus Günther (type species: Ithycyphus caudolineatus Günther 1873)
1988 Pseudoithycyphus Domergue (type species: Ithycyphus blanci Domergue 1988; syn. Domergue 1988)
Contents: 5 species, all of which are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: It is unclear to me why Periscopus has not gained precedence over Ithycyphus, being the older of the two names, but no publications seem to have accepted Periscopus as the valid name of this genus. Taxonomic stability may be the reason.
Distribution: Madagascar (incl. Nosy Be).

Ithycyphus blanci

Marojezy Night Snake



1988 Ithycyphus blanci Domergue

Distribution: Madagascar.

Ithycyphus goudoti

Forest Night Snake



1854 Herpetodryas goudoti Schlegel
Periscopus goudotii Fitzinger 1843
Dryophylax goudoti Duméril & Bibron 1854
Ithycyphus goudoti Boulenger 1896
1873 Ithycyphus caudolineatus Günther (Guibe 1958)
1896 Stenophis longicauda Boettger (Guibe 1958)

Distribution: Madagascar.

Ithycyphus miniatus

Tiny Night Snake



1837 Coluber miniatus Schlegel
Dryophylax miniatus Duméril & Bibron 1854
Philodryas miniatus Jan 1863
Ithycyphus miniatus Boulenger 1896

Remarks: The claimed occurrence of this species in the Comoro Islands (e.g., Boulenger 1915) has never been confirmed (Wallach & Glaw 2009).
Distribution: Madagascar (incl. Nosy Be).

Ithycyphus oursi

Southwestern Night Snake

Südwestliche Nachtnatter

Sydvestlig Natsnog

1986 Ithycyphus oursi Domergue

Distribution: Madagascar.

Ithycyphus perineti

Perinet Night Snake



1986 Ithycyphus perineti Domergue

Remarks: Records from Nosy Be are regarded as erroneous (Andreone, Glaw, Nussbaum, Raxworthy, Vences & Randrianirina 2003).
Distribution: Madagascar.