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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (www.repfocus.dk).
Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Agamidae
Bibliography of the genus Leiolepis
Biodiversity of the family Agamidae


Butterfly Agamas, Butterfly Lizards, Butterfly Runners, Granular-scaled Agamas, Smooth-scaled Agamas



1829 Leiolepis Cuvier (type species: Leiolepis guttatus Cuvier 1829)
1846 Liolepis Agassiz [substitute name for Leiolepis Cuvier 1829]
Contents: 10 species, of which 5 (50.0%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Böhme (1982) and Moody (1980) separated the genera Uromastyx and Leiolepis from the family Agamidae and revalidated the family name Uromastycidae for that purpose. Borsuk-Bialynicka & Moody (1984) reduced this group to subfamily status within the Agamidae. However, some authors assign Leiolepis to a separate family, Leiolepidae (e.g., Das 2010).
Distribution: SE. Asia.
Reported from: Cambodia, China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Macau), Indonesia (Bangka), Laos, Malaysia (West Malaysia [incl. Langkawi Archipelago, Seribuat Archipelago (incl. Tioman)]), Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam.

Leiolepis belliana

Common Butterfly Agama, Beauty Butterfly Agama, Small-scaled Lizard, (Bell's Butterfly Agama)


Almindelig Sommerfugleagam

1827 Uromastyx belliana Gray
Liolepis belliana Ridley 1889
1831 Uromastyx bellii Gray [substitute name for Uromastyx belliana Gray] (Wermuth 1967)

Remarks: Previously included guttata and ocellata.
Introduced to: USA (Florida).
Distribution: Cambodia, Indonesia (Bangka), Laos, Malaysia (West Malaysia [incl. Langkawi Archipelago, Seribuat Archipelago (incl. Tioman)]), Thailand, Vietnam.

Leiolepis belliana
© Henrik Bringsøe

Leiolepis boehmei

Songkhla Butterfly Agama, (Böhme's Butterfly Agama)

Böhmes Schmetterlingsagame


1993 Leiolepis boehmei Darevsky & Kupriyanova

Distribution: Thailand.

Leiolepis guentherpetersi

Binh Tri Thien Butterfly Agama, (Peters' Butterfly Agama, Günther's Butterfly Agama)

Peters Schmetterlingsagame

Binh Tri Thien-sommerfugleagam

1993 Leiolepis guentherpetersi Darevsky & Kupriyanova

Remarks: An all-female, parthenogenetic species (Nguyen, Ho & Nguyen 2009).
Distribution: Vietnam.

Leiolepis guttata

Spotted Butterfly Agama

Gefleckte Schmetterlingsagame, Vietnamesische Schmetterlingsagame

Prikket Sommerfugleagam

1829 Leiolepis guttatus Cuvier
Leiolepis belliana guttata Smith 1935
1921 Liolepis belliana var. annamensis Smith (Wermuth 1967)

Distribution: Vietnam.

Leiolepis ngovantrii

Phuoc Buu Butterfly Agama, (Ngo Van Tri's Butterfly Agama)

Phuoc Buu-Schmetterlingsagame

Phuoc Buu-sommerfugleagam

2010 Leiolepis ngovantrii Grismer & Grismer

Remarks: An all-female, parthenogenetic species (Grismer & Grismer 2010).
Distribution: Vietnam.

Leiolepis ocellata

Eyed Butterfly Agama


Plettet Sommerfugleagam

1971 Leiolepis belliana ocellata Peters
Leiolepis ocellata Pauwels & Chimsunchart 2007

Distribution: Myanmar, Thailand.

Leiolepis peguensis

Pegu Butterfly Agama

Pegu-Schmetterlingsagame, Burma-Schmetterlingsagame

Burmesisk Sommerfugleagam

1971 Leiolepis peguensis Peters

Distribution: Myanmar, Thailand.

Leiolepis reevesii

Eastern Butterfly Agama, Northern Butterfly Agama, (Reeve's Butterfly Agama)

Reeves Schmetterlingsagame

Østlig Sommerfugleagam

1831 Uromastyx revesii [error typhographicus] Gray
Leiolepis reevesii Gray 1845
Leiolepis belliana reevesii Mertens 1961

Remarks: Previously included rubritaeniata.
Distribution: Cambodia, China (Guangdong [incl. Nan Ao Island], Guangxi, Hainan, Macau), Thailand, Vietnam.

Leiolepis rubritaeniata

Red-banded Butterfly Agama, Thai Butterfly Agama


Rødbåndet Sommerfugleagam

1961 Leiolepis belliana rubritaeniata Mertens
Leiolepis reevesii rubritaeniata Peters 1971
Leiolepis rubritaeniata Stuart 1999

Remarks: Stuart (1999), Böhme (2010) and Das (2010) treated rubritaeniata as a separate species, but without discussion. David & Ineich (2009) retained it as a subspecies of reevesii. Hartmann, Sothanin, Handschuh & Böhme (2012) presented support for the recognition of rubritaeniata as a separate species.
Distribution: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam.

Leiolepis rubritaeniata
© Rune Midtgaard

Leiolepis triploida

Malayan Butterfly Agama, Triploid Butterfly Agama

Malaiische Schmetterlingsagame

Malaysisk Sommerfugleagam

1971 Leiolepis triploida Peters

Remarks: An all-female, parthenogenetic species (Grismer 2011).
Distribution: Malaysia (West Malaysia), Thailand.