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Pacific Ocean

Taxonomy of the genus Phoboscincus Biodiversity of the family Scincidae

Bibliography of the genus
Phoboscincus (New Caledonian Giant Skinks)

(Reptilia: Sauria: Scincidae)

Note: In order to limit redundancy, relevant literature indexed in the related bibliographies in the left column may not have been included in this page. For a comprehensive search of literature, these bibliographies should therefore also be consulted.

Phoboscincus in general

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Phoboscincus bocourti

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Ineich, I.; Sadlier, R.A.; Bauer, A.M.; Jackman, T.R.; Smith, S.A. 2014. Bocourt's Terrific Skink, Phoboscincus bocourti (Brocchi, 1876), and the monophyly of the genus Phoboscincus Greer, 1974. Memoires du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle 206: 69-78.

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Phoboscincus garnieri

Langner, C.; Sound, P. 2016. Erste Erkenntnisse zum Nahrungsspektrum und Aktivitätsrhythmus des Neukaledonischen Riesenskinks Phoboscincus garnieri (Bavay, 1869). Sauria (Berlin) 38(3): 57-59.

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