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Taxonomy of the genus Sepsina Biodiversity of the family Scincidae

Bibliography of the genus
Sepsina (Savannah Burrowing Skinks)

(Reptilia: Sauria: Scincidae)

Note: In order to limit redundancy, relevant literature indexed in the related bibliographies in the left column may not have been included in this page. For a comprehensive search of literature, these bibliographies should therefore also be consulted.

Sepsina in general

Peters, W.C.H. 1874. Über einige neue Reptilien (Lacerta, Eremias, Diploglossus, Euprepes, Lygosoma, Sepsina, Ablepharus, Simotes, Onychocephalus). Monatsberichte der Königlich Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 1874(June): 368-377.

Peters, W.C.H. 1875. Über zwei Gattung von Eidechsen, Scincodipus und Sphenoscincus. Monatsberichte der Königlich Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 1875(August): 551-553.

Sepsina alberti

Hewitt, J. 1932. Some new Species and Subspecies of South African Batrachians and Lizards. Annals of the Natal Museum (Pietermaritzburg) 7(1): 105-128.

Sepsina angolensis

Boettger, O. 1887. Diagnoses Reptilium novorum ab ill. viro Paul Hesse in finibus fluminis Congo repertorum. Zoologischer Anzeiger 10: 649-651.

Hewitt, J. 1927. Further descriptions of reptiles and batrachians from South Africa. Records of the Albany Museum (Grahamstown) 3(5): 371-415.

Laurent, R.F. 1952. Batraciens et reptiles recemment acquis par le Musee du Congo Belge. Revue de Zoologie et Botanique Africaine (Bruxelles) 45: 198-203.

Sepsina bayoni

Moch, J.G.; Senter, P. 2011. Vestigial structures in the appendicular skeletons of eight African skink species (Squamata, Scincidae). Journal of Zoology (London) 285(4): 274-280.