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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (www.repfocus.dk).
Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Scincidae
Bibliography of the genus Cryptoblepharus
Biodiversity of the family Scincidae


Indo-Pacific Snake-eyed Skinks, Shinning Skinks, Fence Skinks, Wall Skinks, (Coastal Skinks, Shore Skinks)

Indopazifische Natternaugen, Inselskinke

Indopacifiske Brilleskinker

1834 Cryptoblepharus Wiegmann (type species: Ablepharus poecilopleurus Wiegmann 1835)
1839 Petia Gray [nomen nudum; substitute name for Cryptoblepharus Wiegmann 1834] (Horner 2007)
Contents: 54 species, of which 48 (88.9%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of Ablepharus (e.g., Mertens 1931), but revalidated by Mittleman (1952) and Fuhn (1969). Many forms have been described, but for many years only one species (boutonii) was recognised (e.g., Mertens 1931, 1933, 1934, 1964), making it the world's most widely distributed species (Horner 2007). All other forms were regarded as subspecies or synonyms of boutonii. Other authors have recognised, or at least indicated, that most subspecies are in fact separate species (e.g., Mittleman 1952; Greer 1979), since some forms exhibit distinct colour patterns and ecologies, and others occur sympatrically (Andreone & Greer 2002). The latter authors recommended treating all forms of uncertain status tentatively as species rather than subspecies. The genus was finally reviewed by Horner (2007) who recognised 54 species and one unnamed species pending formal description. Presence in the South American mainland of poecilopleurus (Chile, Ecuador, Peru) is considered doubtful herein, since there are no recent records to confirm this. The common names "Coastal Skinks" and "Shore Skinks", sometimes used for this genus, is inappropiate for the genus in general, since some of the species occur far from coastal areas.
Distribution: E. Africa, Indian Ocean, Malay Archipelago, Australia, Pacific Ocean.
Reported from: American Samoa, Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland [incl. Fraser Island, Torres Strait Islands], South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia), ChileEaster Island), Christmas Island, Comoro Islands (Anjouan, Grande Comoro, Moheli), Cook Islands (incl. Rarotonga), East Timor (incl. Atauro Island), Europa Island, Fiji, French Polynesia, Glorioso Islands, Guam, Howland & Baker, Indonesia (Alor, Ambon, Aru Islands, Bali, Biak, Buru, Damar, Flores, Groot-Bastaard, Haruku, Java, Kai Islands, Kangean Islands, Karimunjawa Islands, Komodo, Lembata, Lombok, Madura, Numfoor, Padar, Paternoster Islands, Penida, Rinca, Semau, Seram, Spermonde Islands, Sumba, Sumbawa, Togian Islands, Waigeo, Western New Guinea, Wetar, Yapen), Japan (Bonin Islands, Minami Torishima, Volcano Islands), Johnston, Juan de Nova, Kenya, Kiribati, Madagascar (incl. Nosy Be), Marshall Islands, Mauritius (incl. Coin de Mire, Round Island), Mayotte, Micronesia (incl. Pohnpei), Mozambique (incl. Mozambique Island), New Caledonia, (Grande Terre, Isle of Pines, Loyalty Islands, Moro Islet), Niue, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Papua New Guinea (Bismarck Archipelago [New Britain], d'Entrecasteaux Islands [Normanby], Eastern New Guinea, Louisiade Archipelago [Misima]), Seychelles (incl. Aldabra), Solomon Islands (incl. Rennell), Somalia, South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal), Tanzania (incl. Mafia, Pemba, Zanzibar), Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu (incl. Espiritu Santo), Wake, Wallis & Futuna, Western Samoa.

Cryptoblepharus adamsi

Bowen Snake-eyed Skink, (Adams' Snake-eyed Skink)



2007 Cryptoblepharus adamsi Horner

Distribution: Australia (Queensland).

Cryptoblepharus africanus

African Coral-rag Snake-eyed Skink

Afrikanisches Küsten-Natternauge

Afrikansk Kyst-brilleskink

1918 Ablepharus boutoni africanus Sternfeld
Cryptoblepharus africanus Mittleman 1952
Cryptoblepharus boutonii africanus Fuhn 1970

Remarks: Previously included ahli.
Distribution: Kenya, Mozambique, Somalia, South Africa (KwaZulu-Natal), Tanzania (incl. Mafia, Pemba, Zanzibar).

Cryptoblepharus ahli

Mozambique Island Snake-eyed Skink

Mosambikanisches Küsten-Natternauge

Mozambiqisk Kyst-brilleskink

1928 Cryptoblepharus boutonii ahli Mertens
Cryptoblepharus ahli Horner 2007

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of africanus (e.g., Brygoo 1986).
Distribution: Mozambique (Mozambique Island).

Cryptoblepharus aldabrae

Seychelles Snake-eyed Skink


Seychellisk Brilleskink

1918 Ablepharus boutoni aldabrae Sternfeld
Cryptoblepharus aldabrae Mittleman 1952

Distribution: Seychelles (incl. Aldabra).

Cryptoblepharus ater

Grande Comore Snake-eyed Skink


Grande Comore-brilleskink

1913 Ablepharus boutoni var. atra Boettger
Cryptoblepharus boutoni ater Mertens 1924
Cryptoblepharus ater Mittleman 1952

Distribution: Comoro Islands (Grande Comoro).

Cryptoblepharus australis

Inland Snake-eyed Skink, Desert Wall Skink

Zentralaustralisches Natternauge

Centralaustralsk Brilleskink

1918 Ablepharus boutoni australis Sternfeld
Cryptoblepharus australis Wells & Wellington 1984
1985 Cryptoblepharus hawkeswoodi Wells & Wellington (Horner 2007)

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of plagiocephalus (e.g., Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983). Listed for Victoria (e.g., Cogger 2014), but not included for the state by Robertson & Coventry (2019).
Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia).

Cryptoblepharus balinensis

Balinese Snake-eyed Skink


Balinesisk Brilleskink

1911 Cryptoblepharus boutonii balinensis Barbour
Ablepharus boutonii balinensis Mertens 1930
Cryptoblepharus balinensis Mittleman 1952
1928 Cryptoblepharus boutonii sumbawanus Mertens
Ablepharus boutonii sumbawanus Mertens 1930
Cryptoblepharus sumbawanus Mittleman 1952
Cryptoblepharus baliensis sumbawanus [sic] Horner 2007

Distribution: Indonesia (Bali, Java, Kangean Islands, Karimunjawa Islands, Lombok, Madura, Sumbawa).

Cryptoblepharus bitaeniatus

Europa Island Snake-eyed Skink


Europa Island-brilleskink

1913 Ablepharus boutoni var. bitaeniata Boettger
Cryptoblepharus bitaeniatus Mittleman 1952

Distribution: Europa Island.

Cryptoblepharus boutonii

Mascarene Coral-rag Snake-eyed Skink, (Bouton's Snake-eyed Skink, Bouton's Skink, Beach Skink)


Mascarener-brilleskink, (Boutons Brilleskink)

1831 Scincus boutonii Desjardin
Cryptoblepharus boutonii Gray 1845
Ablepharus boutonii Strauch 1868

Extinct in: Reunion.
Distribution: Mauritius (incl. Coin de Mire, Round Island).

Cryptoblepharus buchananii

Western Australian Snake-eyed Skink, (Buchanan's Snake-eyed Skink)

Westaustralisches Natternauge

Vestaustralsk Brilleskink

1839 Tiliqua buchananii Gray
Cryptoblepharus buchananii Horner 2007
1918 Ablepharus boutoni punctatus Sternfeld (Horner 2007)

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of plagiocephalus (e.g., Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983).
Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Cryptoblepharus burdeni

Padar Snake-eyed Skink



1927 Cryptoblepharus boutonii burdeni Dunn
Ablepharus boutonii burdeni Mertens 1930
Cryptoblepharus burdeni Mittleman 1952

Distribution: Indonesia (Flores, Komodo, Lembata, Padar).

Cryptoblepharus caudatus

Juan de Nova Island Snake-eyed Skink


Juan de Nova-brilleskink

1918 Ablepharus boutoni caudatus Sternfeld
Cryptoblepharus caudatus Mittleman 1952

Distribution: Juan de Nova.

Cryptoblepharus cognatus

Nosy Bé Snake-eyed Skink


Nosy Bé-brilleskink

1881 Ablepharus boutoni var. cognatus Boettger
Cryptoblepharus cognatus Mittleman 1952

Distribution: Madagascar (incl. Nosy Be).

Cryptoblepharus cursor

Indonesian Beach Snake-eyed Skink

Indonesisches Natternauge

Indonesisk Brilleskink

1911 Cryptoblepharus boutonii cursor Barbour
Ablepharus boutoni cursor De Rooij 1915
Cryptoblepharus cursor Mittleman 1952
2007 Cryptoblepharus cursor larsonae Horner

Remarks: Records from Lombok (e.g., Mertens 1930, 1931) refer to balinensis (Mertens 1964).
Distribution: Indonesia (Bali, Lombok, Paternoster Islands, Spermonde Islands).

Cryptoblepharus cygnatus

Northern Territory Snake-eyed Skink, (Swanson's Snake-eyed Skink)


Northern Territory-brilleskink

2007 Cryptoblepharus cygnatus Horner

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory).

Cryptoblepharus daedalos

Dappled Snake-eyed Skink

Schimmliges Natternauge

Skimlet Brilleskink

2007 Cryptoblepharus daedalos Horner

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory).

Cryptoblepharus egeriae

Christmas Island Snake-eyed Skink, Christmas Island Blue-tailed Skink, Blue-tailed Shinning Skink


Christmas Island-brilleskink

1889 Ablepharus egeriae Boulenger
Ablepharus boutonii egeriae Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus egeriae Greer 1974

Distribution: Christmas Island.

Cryptoblepharus eximius

Fiji Snake-eyed Skink, (Pygmy Snake-eyed Skink)



1857 Cryptoblepharus eximius Girard
Ablepharus eximius Garman 1901
Ablepharus boutonii eximius Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus eximius Zug 1991

Distribution: Fiji.

Cryptoblepharus eximius
© Rune Midtgaard

Cryptoblepharus exochus

Noble Snake-eyed Skink

Nobles Natternauge

Nobel Brilleskink

2007 Cryptoblepharus exochus Horner

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Western Australia).

Cryptoblepharus fuhni

Black-boulder Snake-eyed Skink, Black-boulder Shinning Skink, (Fuhn's Snake-eyed Skink)



1978 Cryptoblepharus fuhni Covacevich & Ingram

Distribution: Australia (Queensland).

Cryptoblepharus furvus

Normanby Island Snake-eyed Skink



2007 Cryptoblepharus furvus Horner

Distribution: Papua New Guinea (d'Entrecasteaux Islands: Normanby).

Cryptoblepharus gloriosus

Glorioso Islands Snake-eyed Skink



1893 Ablepharus gloriosus Stejneger
Ablepharus boutonii gloriosus Baur 1897
Cryptoblepharus gloriosus Mittleman 1952
1928 Cryptoblepharus boutonii mayottensis Mertens
Ablepharus boutonii mayottensis Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus mayottensis Mittleman 1952
Cryptoblepharus gloriosus mayottensis Horner 2007
1928 Cryptoblepharus boutonii mohelicus Mertens
Ablepharus boutonii mohelicus Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus mohelicus Greer 1974
Cryptoblepharus gloriosus mohelicus Horner 2007

Distribution: Comoro Islands (Moheli), Glorioso Islands, Mayotte.

Cryptoblepharus gurrmul

Arafura Snake-eyed Skink



2007 Cryptoblepharus gurrmul Horner

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory).

Cryptoblepharus intermedius

Moluccan Snake-eyed Skink

Molukkanisches Natternauge


1926 Ablepharus boutoni var. intermedius De Jong
Cryptoblepharus intermedius Horner 2007

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of keiensis (e.g., Mertens 1964).
Distribution: Indonesia (Ambon, Buru, Haruku, Seram).

Cryptoblepharus juno

Lobby Creek Snake-eyed Skink, (Juno's Snake-eyed Skink)


Lobby Creek-brilleskink

2007 Cryptoblepharus juno Horner

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Western Australia).

Cryptoblepharus keiensis

Kai Islands Snake-eyed Skink



1910 Ablepharus boutoni var. keiensis Roux
Cryptoblepharus boutonii keiensis Barbour 1911
Ablepharus peroni keiensis Sternfeld 1918
Cryptoblepharus keiensis Mittleman 1952

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of quinquetaeniatus (e.g., De Rooij 1915). Previously included intermedius.
Distribution: Indonesia (Kai Islands, Seram).

Cryptoblepharus leschenault

East Indonesian Snake-eyed Skink

Ostindonesisches Natternauge

Østindonesisk Brilleskink

1832 Ablepharis leschenault [sic] Cocteau
Cryptoblepharis leschenault [sic] Cocteau 1836
Cryptoblepharus boutonii leschenault Mertens 1929
Ablepharus boutonii leschenault Mertens 1930
1890 Ablepharus boutonii furcata Weber (Horner 2007)
Cryptoblepharus boutonii furcata Dunn 1927

Distribution: East Timor (incl. Atauro Island), Indonesia (Alor, Damar, Flores, Groot-Bastaard, Lembata, Semau, Wetar).

Cryptoblepharus litoralis

Coastal Snake-eyed Skink, Supra-littoral Shinning Skink, Supra-littoral Snake-eyed Skink, Shore Skink, Littoral Skink, (Beach Snake-eyed Skink)

Australisches Küsten-Natternauge

Australsk Kyst-brilleskink

1958 Ablepharus boutonii littoralis Mertens
Cryptoblepharus litoralis Mertens 1958
1985 Cryptoblepharus horneri Wells & Wellington (Horner 2007)
Cryptoblepharus litoralis horneri Horner 2007
2007 Cryptoblepharus litoralis vicinus Horner

Other common names:
horneri: Horner's Snake-eyed Skink
vicinus: Papuan Coastal Snake-eyed Skink
Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland [incl. Torres Strait Islands], Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea).

Cryptoblepharus litoralis
© Rune Midtgaard

Cryptoblepharus megastictus

Blotched Snake-eyed Skink, Blotched Shinning Skink, Spotted Snake-eyed Skink

Geflecktes Natternauge

Plettet Brilleskink

1976 Cryptoblepharus megastictus Storr

Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Cryptoblepharus mertensi

Roper River Snake-eyed Skink, (Mertens' Snake-eyed Skink)


Roper River-brilleskink

2007 Cryptoblepharus mertensi Horner

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory).

Cryptoblepharus metallicus

Metallic Snake-eyed Skink

Metallisches Natternauge

Metallisk Brilleskink

1887 Ablepharus boutonii metallicus Boulenger
Cryptoblepharus boutonii metallicus Cogger & Lindner 1974
Cryptoblepharus metallicus Wells & Wellington 1985

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of plagiocephalus (e.g., Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983).
Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland, Western Australia).

Cryptoblepharus nigropunctatus

Ogasawara Snake-eyed Skink, Bonin Snake-eyed Skink



1860 Ablepharus nigropunctatus Hallowell
Cryptoblepharus boutonii nigropunctatus Stejneger 1907
Cryptoblepharus nigropunctatus Garman 1908
Ablepharus boutoni nigropunctatus Sternfeld 1918

Distribution: Japan (Bonin Islands, Minami Torishima, Volcano Islands).

Cryptoblepharus novaeguineae

New Guinean Snake-eyed Skink

Papuanisches Natternauge

Papuansk Brilleskink

1928 Cryptoblepharus boutonii novae-guineae Mertens
Ablepharus boutonii novae-guineae Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus novaeguineae Mittleman 1952
1928 Cryptoblepharus boutonii aruensis Mertens (Horner 2007)
Cryptoblepharus aruensis Allison & Kraus 2006
1928 Cryptoblepharus boutonii pallidus Mertens (Horner 2007)
Ablepharus boutonii pallidus Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus pallidus Mittleman 1952

Other common names:
pallidus: Fence Skink
Distribution: Indonesia (Aru Islands, Biak, Numfoor, Waigeo, Western New Guinea, Yapen), Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea).

Cryptoblepharus novocaledonicus

New Caledonian Snake-eyed Skink, New Caledonian Shore Skink

Neukaledonisches Natternauge

Nycaledonisk Brilleskink

1928 Cryptoblepharus boutonii novo-caledonicus Mertens
Ablepharus boutonii novo-caledonicus Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus novocaledonicus Mittleman 1952

Distribution: New Caledonia (Grande Terre, Isle of Pines, Loyalty Islands, Moro Islet).

Cryptoblepharus novohebridicus

Vanuatu Snake-eyed Skink



1928 Cryptoblepharus boutonii novo-hebridicus Mertens
Ablepharus boutonii novo-hebridicus Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus novohebridicus Greer 1974

Distribution: Vanuatu (Espiritu Santo).

Cryptoblepharus ochrus

Pale Snake-eyed Skink, Eyrean Wall Skink

Helles Natternauge

Lys Brilleskink

2007 Cryptoblepharus ochrus Horner

Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, South Australia).

Cryptoblepharus pannosus

Ragged Snake-eyed Skink, Speckled Wall Skink

Gesprenkelter Natternauge

Spættet Brilleskink

2007 Cryptoblepharus pannosus Horner

Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria).

Cryptoblepharus pannosus
© Rune Midtgaard

Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus

Callose-palmed Snake-eyed Skink, Callose-palmed Shinning Skink, Arboreal Snake-eyed Skink, (Peron's Snake-eyed Skink, Fence Skink, Sun Skink)

Kallusfüssiges Natternauge

Kallusfodet Brilleskink

1836 Scincus plagiocephalus Cocteau
Ablepharus boutonii plagiocephalus Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus Mittleman 1952
Cryptoblepharus boutonii plagiocephalus Fuhn 1969
1839 Ablepharus peronii Duméril & Bibron [part] (Horner 2007)
1976 Cryptoblepharus carnabyi Storr (Horner 2007)

Other common names:
carnabyi: Spiny-palmed Shinning Skink, Spiny-palmed Snake-eyed Skink
Remarks: Previously included australis, buchananii, metallicus, and ruber.
Introduced to: New Zealand.
Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Cryptoblepharus poecilopleurus

Oceanic Snake-eyed Skink

Ozeanisches Natternauge

Oceanisk Brilleskink

1835 Ablepharus poecilopleurus Wiegmann
Cryptoblepharus poecilopleurus Gray 1839
Ablepharus boutoni poecilopleurus Boulenger 1887
1901 Ablepharus heterurus Garman (Mertens 1931)
1908 Cryptoblepharus poecilopleurus paschalis Garman

Remarks: Mentioned for Micronesia by Zug (2013), but apparently in error, since it was not included by Buden & Taborosi (2016). Presence in the South American mainland (Chile, Ecuador, Peru) is considered doubtful herein, since there are no recent records confirming this.
Introduced to: Pitcairn Islands, USA (Hawaii).
Distribution: American Samoa, ChileEaster Island), Cook Islands (incl. Rarotonga), French Polynesia, Guam, Howland & Baker, Johnston, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Niue, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Papua New Guinea (Bismarck Archipelago [New Britain]), Solomon Islands (Rennell), Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Wake, Wallis & Futuna, Western Samoa.

Cryptoblepharus poecilopleurus
© Rune Midtgaard

Cryptoblepharus pulcher

Elegant Snake-eyed Skink, Striped Wall Skink



1918 Ablepharus boutoni pulcher Sternfeld
Cryptoblepharus pulcher Horner 2007
1961 Ablepharus boutonii clarus Storr (Horner 2007)
Cryptoblepharus virgatus clarus Storr 1976
Cryptoblepharus clarus Wells & Wellington 1984
Cryptoblepharus pulcher clarus Horner 2007
1985 Cryptoblepharus suburbia Wells & Wellington (Horner 2007)
Cryptoblepharus virgatus suburbia Wells & Wellington 1989

Other common names:
clarus: Bright Snake-eyed Skink
Remarks: The distributions of the two subspecies (pulcher, clarus) are widely separated. The former is found in Queensland and New South Wales, the latter in Western Australia and South Australia. Previously regarded as a synonym of virgatus (e.g., Cogger, Cameron & Cogger 1983).
Distribution: Australia (New South Wales, Queensland [incl. Fraser Island], South Australia, Western Australia).

Cryptoblepharus quinquetaeniatus

Anjouan Snake-eyed Skink



1874 Ablepharus quinquetaeniatus Günther
Ablepharus boutonii quinquetaeniatus Boulenger 1887
Cryptoblepharus quinquetaeniatus Mittleman 1952
1928 Cryptoblepharus boutonii degrijsi Mertens (Horner 2007)
Ablepharus boutonii degrijsi Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus degrijsi Mittleman 1952

Distribution: Comoro Islands (Anjouan).

Cryptoblepharus renschi

Indonesian Blue-tailed Snake-eyed Skink

Indonesisches Blauschwanz-Natternauge

Indonesisk Blåhalet Brilleskink

1928 Cryptoblepharus boutonii renschi Mertens
Ablepharus boutonii renschi Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus renschi Mittleman 1952
Cryptoblepharus boutonii renschi Auffenberg 1980

Remarks: Auffenberg (1980) suggested specific distinctness of this species, but treated it as a subspecies of boutonii.
Introduced to: Indonesia (Kangean Islands).
Distribution: Indonesia (Bali, Flores, Komodo, Padar, Penida, Rinca, Sumba).

Cryptoblepharus richardsi

Misima Snake-eyed Skink



2007 Cryptoblepharus richardsi Horner

Distribution: Papua New Guinea (Louisiade Archipelago: Misima).

Cryptoblepharus ruber

Tawny Snake-eyed Skink

Gelbbraunes Natternauge

Gulbrun Brilleskink

1981 Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus ruber Börner & Schüttler
Cryptoblepharus ruber Wells & Wellington 1984

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Western Australia).

Cryptoblepharus rutilus

Palau Snake-eyed Skink



1879 Ablepharus rutilus Peters
Ablepharus boutoni rutilus De Rooij 1915
Cryptoblepharus rutilus Mittleman 1952

Distribution: Palau.

Cryptoblepharus schlegelianus

Timor Snake-eyed Skink



1928 Cryptoblepharus boutonii schlegelianus Mertens
Ablepharus boutonii schlegelianus Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus schlegelianus Greer 1974

Remarks: Now restricted to Semau. The Timor population is not conspecific with schlegelianus (O'Shea & Kaiser 2018).
Distribution: Indonesia (Semau).

Cryptoblepharus tytthos

Australian Pygmy Snake-eyed Skink

Australisches Zwerg-Natternauge

Australsk Dværgbrilleskink

2007 Cryptoblepharus tytthos Horner

Remarks: In Queensland, the species is known only from specimens collected on Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria, but there is some doubt over the origin of these specimens (Horner 2007). Presence consequently needs confirmation.
Distribution: Australia (Queensland, Western Australia).

Cryptoblepharus ustulatus

Russet Snake-eyed Skink

Kastanienbraunes Natternauge

Rødbrun Brilleskink

2007 Cryptoblepharus ustulatus Horner

Distribution: Australia (Western Australia).

Cryptoblepharus virgatus

Cream-striped Snake-eyed Skink, Cream-striped Shinning Skink, Striped Snake-eyed Skink, (Fence Skink, Sun Skink, Wall Lizard)


Hvidstribet Brilleskink

1901 Ablepharus virgatus Garman
Ablepharus boutonii virgatus Mertens 1931
Cryptoblepharus virgatus Mittleman 1952
Cryptoblepharus boutonii virgatus Fuhn 1969

Remarks: Previously included pulcher.
Introduced to: New Zealand.
Distribution: Australia (Queensland).

Cryptoblepharus virgatus
© Rune Midtgaard

Cryptoblepharus voeltzkowi

Madagascar Snake-eyed Skink



1918 Ablepharus boutoni voeltzkowi Sternfeld
Cryptoblepharus voeltzkowi Mittleman 1952

Distribution: Madagascar.

Cryptoblepharus wulbu

Spangled Snake-eyed Skink



2007 Cryptoblepharus wulbu Horner

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory).

Cryptoblepharus xenikos

Trans-Fly Snake-eyed Skink



2007 Cryptoblepharus xenikos Horner

Distribution: Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea).

Cryptoblepharus yulensis

Yule Island Snake-eyed Skink



2007 Cryptoblepharus yulensis Horner

Distribution: Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea).

Cryptoblepharus zoticus

Agile Snake-eyed Skink

Gewandtes Natternauge

Væver Brilleskink

2007 Cryptoblepharus zoticus Horner

Distribution: Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland).