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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (www.repfocus.dk).
Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Tropidophiidae
Bibliography of the genus Tropidophis
Biodiversity of the family Tropidophiidae


Typical Dwarf Boas, Wood Snakes, (Tropes)

Eigentliche Zwergboas

Egentlige Dværgboaer

1840 Leionotus Bibron in de la Sagra (type species: Leionotus maculatus Bibron 1840)
1840 Tropidophis Bibron in de la Sagra (type species: Boa melanura Schlegel 1837)
1842 Ungalia Gray (type species: Boa melanura Schlegel 1837)
1843 Erycopsis Fitzinger (type species: Boa melanura Schlegel 1837)
1856 Notophis Hallowell (type species: Notophis bicarinatus Hallowell 1856)
Contents: 35 living species, of which 34 (97.1%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously included in the family Boidae (e.g., Dowling 1959; Stimson 1969).
Distribution: West Indies, South America.
Reported from: Bahamas (incl. Great Inagua Bank [incl. Great Inagua]), Brazil (Bahia, Espirito Santo, Minas Gerais, Parana, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo), Cayman Islands (Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman), Cuba (incl. Isla de la Juventud), Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti (incl. Ile de la Gonâve), Jamaica, Peru, Turks & Caicos Islands (Caicos Islands).

Tropidophis battersbyi

Ecuadorian Dwarf Boa, (Battersby's Dwarf Boa)

Ecuadorianische Zwergboa

Ecuadoriansk Dværgboa

1949 Tropidophis battersbyi Laurent

Remarks: Known from only a single specimen registered without exact locality.
Distribution: Ecuador.

Tropidophis bucculentus

Navassa Dwarf Boa



1868 Ungalia bucculenta Cope
Tropidophis bucculentus Stejneger 1917
Tropidophis melanurus bucculentus Thomas 1966

Remarks: Revalidated as a separate species by Powell (1999) and Hedges (2002). Almost certainly extinct (Powell & Henderson 1999), although it cannot be excluded that a small population may survive (Landestoy, Inchaustegui, Powell & Henderson 2021).
Distribution: Navassa.

Tropidophis cacuangoae

Napo Dwarf Boa



2022 Tropidophis cacuangoae Ortega-Andrade, Bentley, Koch, Yánez-Muñoz & Entiauspe-Neto

Distribution: Ecuador.

Tropidophis canus

Southern Bahamas Dwarf Boa, Great Inagua Island Dwarf Boa

Südliche Bahama-Zwergboa

Sydlig Bahama-dværgboa

1868 Ungalia cana Cope
Tropidophis cana Stejneger in Shattuck 1905

Remarks: Previously included curtus.
Distribution: Bahamas (Great Inagua Bank: Great Inagua).

Tropidophis caymanensis

Grand Cayman Dwarf Boa, Grand Cayman Ground Boa

Grand Cayman-Zwergboa

Grand Cayman-dværgboa

1938 Tropidophis melanurus caymanensis Battersby
Tropidophis caymanensis Thomas 1963

Remarks: Previously included parkeri and schwartzi (e.g., Stimson 1969; McDiarmid, Campbell & Touré 1999).
Distribution: Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman).

Tropidophis celiae

Canasi Dwarf Boa



1999 Tropidophis celiae Hedges, Estrada & Diaz

Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis curtus

Northern Bahamas Dwarf Boa

Nördliche Bahama-Zwergboa

Nordlig Bahama-dværgboa

1887 Ungualia curta Garman
Tropidophis pardalis curtus Stull 1928
Tropidophis canus curtus Schwartz & Marsh 1960
Tropidophis curtus Hedges 2002
1928 Tropidophis pardalis androsi Stull (syn. Hedges 2002)
Tropidophis canus androsi Schwartz & Marsh 1960
Tropidophis curtus androsi Hedges 2002
1937 Tropidophis pardalis barbouri Bailey (syn. Hedges 2002)
Tropidophis canus barbouri Schwartz & Marsh 1960
Tropidophis curtus barbouri Hedges 2002

Other common names:
androsi: Andros Island Dwarf Boa
barbouri: Eleuthera Island Dwarf Boa
curtus: Bimini Dwarf Boa
Distribution: Bahamas.

Tropidophis feicki

Broad-banded Dwarf Boa


Bredbåndet Dværgboa

1957 Tropidophis feicki Schwartz

Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis fuscus

Cuban Dusky Dwarf Boa

Kubanische Dunkle Zwergboa

Cubansk Mørk Dværgboa

1992 Tropidophis fuscus Hedges & Garrido

Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis galacelidus

Escambray White-necked Dwarf Boa, Las Villas Dwarf Boa

Westliche Weisshals-Zwergboa

Vestlig Hvidhalset Dværgboa

1975 Tropidophis pilsbryi galacelidus Schwartz & Garrido
Tropidophis galacelidus Hedges 2002

Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis grapiuna

Bahia Dwarf Boa



2012 Tropidophis grapiuna Curcio, Nunes, Argôlo, Skuk & Rodrigues

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia).

Tropidophis greenwayi

Caicos Islands Dwarf Boa



1936 Tropidophis pardalis greenwayi Barbour & Shreve
Tropidophis greenwayi Schwartz & Marsh 1960
1963 Tropidophis greenwayi lanthanus Schwartz

Other common names:
greenwayi: Ambergris Cay Dwarf Boa
lanthanus: Common Caicos Islands Dwarf Boa
Distribution: Turks & Caicos Islands (Caicos Islands).

Tropidophis haetianus

Hispaniolan Dwarf Boa


Hispaniolansk Dværgboa, Haiti-dværgboa

1879 Ungualia haetiana Cope
Tropidophis haetianus Schwartz & Marsh 1960
1888 Tropidophis conjunctus Fischer (syn. Stimson 1969)
Ungalia conjuncta Boulenger 1893
1893 Ungalia maculata Boulenger (syn. Stimson 1969)
1975 Tropidophis haetianus hemerus Schwartz
1975 Tropidophis haetianus tiburonensis Schwartz

Other common names:
haetianus: Haitian Dwarf Boa
hermerus: Dominican Republic Dwarf Boa
tiburonensis: Tiburon Dwarf Boa
Remarks: Previously included jamaicensis, stejnegeri, and stullae (e.g., Stimson 1969). Records from Cuba (e.g., Schwartz & Henderson 1991; Schettino 2000) refer to hendersoni (Hedges & Garrido 2002).
Distribution: Dominican Republic, Haiti (incl. Ile de la Gonâve).

Tropidophis hardyi

Escambray Small-headed Dwarf Boa


Småhovedet Dværgboa

1975 Tropidophis nigriventris hardyi Schwartz & Garrido
Tropidophis hardyi Hedges 2002

Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis hendersoni

Cuban Khaki Dwarf Boa



2002 Tropidophis hendersoni Hedges & Garrido

Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis jamaicensis

Jamaican Brown Dwarf Boa

Braune Jamaika-Zwergboa

Brun Jamaica-dværgboa

1928 Tropidophis maculatus jamaicensis Stull
Tropidophis haetianus jamaicensis Schwartz & Marsh 1960
Tropidophis jamaicensis Hedges 2002

Distribution: Jamaica.

Tropidophis leonae

Jaragua Golden Dwarf Boa



2023 Tropidophis leonae Landestoy T.

Distribution: Dominican Republic.

Tropidophis maculatus

Spotted Red Dwarf Boa

Gefleckte Rote Zwergboa

Plettet Rød Dværgboa

1840 Leionotus maculatus Bibron
Tropidophis maculatus Duméril & Bibron 1844
Ungalia maculata Cope 1868
1864 Tropidophis distinctus Jan (syn. Stimson 1969)
1868 Ungalia dipsadina Cope (syn. Stimson 1969)

Distribution: Cuba (incl. Isla de la Juventud).

Tropidophis melanurus

Giant Dwarf Boa, (Cuban Dwarf Boa)

Kubanische Zwergboa

Kæmpedværgboa, Cuba-dværgboa

1837 Boa melanura Schlegel
Tropidophis melanurus Bibron in Sagra 1840
Ungalia melanura Cope 1868
1856 Notophis bicarinatus Hallowell (syn. Stimson 1969)
1960 Tropidophis melanurus dysodes Schwartz & Thomas
1960 Tropidophis melanurus ericksoni Schwartz & Thomas

Other common names:
dysodes: Pinar del Rio Dwarf Boa
ericksoni: Pine Island Dwarf Boa
melanurus: Cuban Black-tailed Dwarf Boa
Remarks: Previously included bucculentus (e.g., Stimson 1969). Records from Navassa refer to bucculentus.
Distribution: Cuba (incl. Isla de la Juventud).

Tropidophis morenoi

Zebra Dwarf Boa



2001 Tropidophis morenoi Hedges, Garrido & Díaz

Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis nigriventris

Dark-bellied Dwarf Boa


Mørkbuget Dværgboa

1937 Tropidophis nigriventris Bailey

Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis pardalis

Spotted Brown Dwarf Boa, Leopard Dwarf Boa, (Cuban Dwarf Boa)

Gefleckte Braune Zwergboa

Plettet Brun Dværgboa

1840 Boa pardalis Gundlach
Ungalia pardalis Cope 1868
Tropidophis pardalis Stejneger in Shattuck 1905

Remarks: Previously included curtus, greenwayi, and stejnegeri.
Distribution: Cuba (incl. Isla de la Juventud).

Tropidophis parkeri

Little Cayman Dwarf Boa, Little Cayman Ground Boa

Little Cayman-Zwergboa

Little Cayman-dværgboa

1941 Tropidophis parkeri Grant
Tropidophis caymanensis parkeri Thomas 1963

Remarks: Revalidated as a separate species by Hedges (2002).
Distribution: Cayman Islands (Little Cayman).

Tropidophis paucisquamis

Southern Brazilian Dwarf Boa, (Brazilian Dwarf Boa)

Südbrasilianische Zwergboa

Sydbrasiliansk Dværgboa

1901 Ungalia paucisquamis Müller
Tropidophis paucisquamis Stull 1928
1901 Ungalia brasiliensis Andersson (syn. Stimson 1969)

Remarks: Erroneously reported (e.g., Stimson 1969; Peters & Orejas-Mirand 1970; Henle & Ehrl 1991) from Peru (Curcio, Nunes, Argôlo, Skuk & Rodrigues 2012, by implication).
Distribution: Brazil (Espirito Santo, Minas Gerais, Parana, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo).

Tropidophis pilsbryi

Oriente White-necked Dwarf Boa

Östliche Weisshals-Zwergboa

Østlig Hvidhalset Dværgboa

1937 Tropidophis maculatus pilsbryi Bailey
Tropidophis pilsbryi Schwartz & Marsh 1960

Remarks: Previously included galacelidus.
Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis preciosus

Minas Gerais Dwarf Boa

Minas Gerais-Zwergboa

Minas Gerais-dværgboa

2012 Tropidophis preciosus Curcio, Nunes, Argôlo, Skuk & Rodrigues

Distribution: Brazil (Minas Gerais).

Tropidophis schwartzi

Cayman Brac Dwarf Boa, Cayman Brac Ground Boa

Cayman Brac-Zwergboa

Cayman Brac-dværgboa

1963 Tropidophis caymanensis schwartzi Thomas
Tropidophis schwartzi Hedges 2002

Distribution: Cayman Islands (Cayman Brac).

Tropidophis semicinctus

Yellow-banded Dwarf Boa


Gulbåndet Dværgboa

1864 Ungalia maculata var. semicincta Gundlach & Peters
Ungalia semicincta Gundlach in Poey 1867
Tropidophis semicincta Barbour 1914
1885 Tropidophis moreletii Bocourt (syn. Stimson 1969)
Ungalia moreletii Boulenger 1893

Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis spiritus

Sancti Spiritus Dwarf Boa

Sancti Spiritus-Zwergboa

Sancti Spiritus-dværgboa

1999 Tropidophis spiritus Hedges & Garrido

Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis steinleini

Maisí Dwarf Boa



2020 Tropidophis steinleini Díaz & Cádiz

Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis stejnegeri

Jamaican Eyespot Dwarf Boa



1940 Tropidophis pardalis stejnegeri Grant
Tropidophis haetianus stejnegeri Schwartz & Marsh 1960
Tropidophis stejnegeri Hedges 2002

Distribution: Jamaica.

Tropidophis stullae

Portland Ridge Dwarf Boa

Portland Ridge-Zwergboa

Portland Ridge-dværgboa

1940 Tropidophis maculatus stulli Grant
Tropidophis haetianus stulli Schwartz & Marsh 1960
Tropidophis haetianus stullae [justified emendation] Schwartz & Fowler 1973
Tropidophis stullae Hedges 2002

Distribution: Jamaica.

Tropidophis taczanowskyi

Peruvian Dwarf Boa, Amazon Dwarf Boa

Peruvianische Zwergboa

Peruviansk Dværgboa

1880 Ungalia taczanowskyi Steindachner
Tropidophis taczanowskyi Stull 1928

Distribution: Ecuador, Peru.

Tropidophis wrighti

Gracile Banded Dwarf Boa

Gebänderte Zwergboa

Slank Båndet Dværgboa

1928 Tropidophis wrighti Stull

Distribution: Cuba.

Tropidophis xanthogaster

Guanahacabibes Dwarf Boa



2006 Tropidophis xanthogaster Domínguez, Moreno & Hedges

Distribution: Cuba.