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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (www.repfocus.dk).
Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Scincidae
Bibliography of the genus Lipinia
Biodiversity of the family Scincidae


Indo-Pacific Striped Skinks


Indo-Pacifiske Stribeskinker

1845 Lipinia Gray (type species: Lipinia pulchella Gray 1845)
1867 Cophoscincus Peters (type species: Lygosoma quadrivittatum Peters 1867; syn. Greer 1974)
1892 Haploscincus Cope (type species: Cophoscincus infralineolatus Günther 1873; syn. Shea 2021)
1958 Aulacoplax Brown & Fehlmann (type species: Aulacoplax leptosoma Brown & Fehlmann 1958; syn. Greer 1974)
Contents: 28 species, of which 20 (71.4%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Previously included in Lygosoma and Leiolopisma. Previously included species now assigned to Ornithuroscincus and Palaia.
Distribution: SE. Asia, Malay Archipelago, Pacific Ocean.
Reported from: American Samoa, Cambodia, Cook Islands (incl. Rarotonga), Fiji (incl. Rotuma), French Polynesia, Guam, India (Andaman & Nicobar Islands [Andaman Islands, Nicobar Islands]), Indonesia (Anambas Islands, Banggai Islands, Buton, Enggano, Halmahera, Java, Kalimantan, Kangean Islands, Karimunjawa Islands, Miang Island, Morotai, Nias, Sangir Islands, Siberut, Simeulue, Sipura, Sulawesi, Talaud Islands, Ternate, Togian Islands, Western New Guinea, Yapen), Kiribati, Laos, Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, West Malaysia [incl. Penang Island, Seribuat Archipelago (incl. Aur, Tioman)]), Marshall Islands (incl. Arno Atoll), Micronesia (incl. Pohnpei), Myanmar, Niue, Palau, Papua New Guinea (Bismarck Archipelago [Admiralty Islands (Manus), New Britain, New Ireland, Umboi], d'Entrecasteaux Islands [Fergusson, Normanby], Eastern New Guinea, Louisiade Archipelago [Misima], Woodlark, North Solomon Islands [Bougainville], Trobriand Islands), Philippines (Bohol, Camiguin Sur, Catanduanes, Cebu, Dinagat, Leyte, Luzon, Masbate, Mindanao, Mindoro, Negros, Palawan, Panaon, Panay, Polillo, Samar, Sibuyan, Siquijor, Sulu Islands [incl. Bitinan, Bubuan, Dipolod, Gounan Islands (Little Gounan), Jolo, Lapac, Mamanoc, Siasi, Tulian], Tablas), Singapore, Solomon Islands (incl. Guadalcanal), Thailand, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu (incl. Espiritu Santo), Vietnam, Western Samoa.

Lipinia auriculata

Bronze Striped Tree Skink, Bronze Slender Tree Skink

Bronzestreifiger Baumskink

Bronzestribet Træskink

1917 Siaphos auriculatus Taylor
Lygosoma auriculatum Brown & Alcala 1956
Lipinia ? auriculata Greer 1974
1919 Siaphos kempi Taylor (syn. Brown & Alcala 1980)
Lygosoma auriculatum kempi Brown & Alcala 1956
1922 Siaphos herrei Taylor (syn. Brown & Alcala 1980)
Lygosoma auriculatum herrei Brown & Alcala 1956

Distribution: Philippines (Bohol, Cebu, Luzon, Masbate, Mindanao, Mindoro, Negros, Polillo, Tablas).

Lipinia cheesmanae

Cyclops Mountains Striped Skink



1940 Lygosoma cheesmanae Parker
Lipinia cheesmanae Greer 1974

Distribution: Indonesia (Western New Guinea), Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea).

Lipinia inconspicua

Sulawesi Striped Skink, Hidden Ground Skink



1894 Lygosoma inconspicuum Müller
Scincella inconspicua Mittleman 1952
Lipinia inconspicua Wanger, Motzke, Saleh & Iskandar 2011

Remarks: Taxonomic history of this species has been confused. It was not mentioned by Ouboter (1986) in his revision of the genus Scincella. First placed in the genus Lipinia by Wanger, Motzke, Saleh & Iskandar (2011). Generic assignment confirmed by Shea (2017).
Distribution: Indonesia (Sulawesi).

Lipinia inexpectata

Bornean Striped Skink



2007 Lipinia inexpectata Das & Austin

Distribution: Indonesia (Kalimantan), Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak).

Lipinia infralineolata

Sangihe Islands Striped Skink


Sangihe Islands-stribeskink

1873 Cophoscincus infralineolatus Günther
Lygosoma infralineolatum Boulenger 1887
Siaphos infralineolatum Taylor 1922
Lygosoma quadrivitatum infralineolatum Brown & Alcala 1956
Lipinia infralineolata Greer 1974

Distribution: Indonesia (Banggai Islands, Sangir Islands, Sulawesi, Togian Islands).

Lipinia leptosoma

Palau Striped Skink, Pandanus Moth Skink



1958 Aulacoplax leptosoma Brown & Fehlmann
Lipinia leptosoma Greer 1974

Distribution: Palau.

Lipinia longiceps

East Papuan Striped Skink

Ostpapuanischer Streifenschlankskink

Østpapuansk Stribeskink

1895 Lygosoma longiceps Boulenger
Lipinia longiceps Mittleman 1952

Distribution: Indonesia (Western New Guinea), Papua New Guinea (d'Entrecasteaux Islands [Fergusson], Eastern New Guinea, Louisiade Archipelago [Misima], Woodlark, Trobriand Islands).

Lipinia macrotympanum

South Andaman Striped Skink, South Andaman Ground Skink, Small-eared Striped Skink

Südandamanischer Streifenschlankskink

Sydandamansk Stribeskink

1873 Mocoa macrotympanum Stoliczka
Lygosoma macrotympanum Boulenger 1887
Leiolopisma macrotympanum Smith 1935
Scincella macrotympana Mittleman 1952
Lipinia macrotympanum Greer 1974

Distribution: India (Andaman & Nicobar Islands [Andaman Islands, Nicobar Islands]).

Lipinia miangensis

Miang Island Striped Skink, Pulau Miang Striped Skink



1910 Lygosoma miangense Werner
Lipinia miangense Mittleman 1952

Distribution: Indonesia (Kalimantan, Miang Island).

Lipinia microcerca

Laotian Striped Skink

Laotischer Streifenschlankskink

Laotisk Stribeskink

1901 Lygosoma microcercum Boettger
Leiolopisma vittigerum microcercum Smith 1935
Lipinia vittigerum microcercum Bobrov 1992
Scincella vittigerum microcercum Nguyen & Ho 1996
Lipinia microcercus Poyarkov, Geissler, Gorin, Dunayev, Hartmann & Suwannapoom 2019
Lipinia microcerca Midtgaard 2020 (justified emendation, this work)
1922 Lygosoma vittigerum kronfanum Smith (syn. Poyarkov, Geissler, Gorin, Dunayev, Hartmann & Suwannapoom 2019)
Leiolopisma vittigerum kronfanum Schmidt 1928
Scincella vittigerum kronfanum Nguyen & Ho 1996
Lipinia vittigera kronfanum Das 2010
1930 Leiolopisma pranensis Cochran (syn. Poyarkov, Geissler, Gorin, Dunayev, Hartmann & Suwannapoom 2019)

Remarks: Previously regarded as a subspecies of vittigera (e.g., Taylor 1963). Revalidated as a separate species by Poyarkov, Geissler, Gorin, Dunayev, Hartmann & Suwannapoom (2019). Status of records of vittigera from Myanmar is unclear, but are provisionally referred to microcerca, along with all othher records of vittigera from north of the Istmus of Kra.
Distribution: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam.

Lipinia nitens

Sarawak Striped Skink



1871 Lygosoma nitens Peters
Lipinia nitens Das 2006

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of quadrivittata (e.g., Brown & Alcala 1980).
Distribution: Indonesia (Kalimantan), Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak).

Lipinia occidentalis

West Papuan Striped Skink

Westpapuanischer Streifenschlankskink

Vestpapuansk Stribeskink

2000 Lipinia occidentalis Günther

Distribution: Indonesia (Western New Guinea).

Lipinia pulchella

Yellow-striped Slender Tree Skink

Gelbstreifiger Baumskink

Gulstribet Træskink

1845 Lipinia pulchella Gray
Euprepes pulchellus Steindachner 1869
Lygosoma pulchellum Boulenger 1887
Leiolopisma pulchellum Taylor 1917
1917 Leiolopisma pulchellum grande Taylor [not Mocoa grandis Gray 1845] (syn. Brown & Alcala 1980)
1956 Lygosoma pulchellum taylori Brown & Alcala [substitute name for Leiolopisma pulchellum grande Taylor 1917] (syn. Brown & Alcala 1980)
1963 Lygosoma pulchellum levitoni Brown & Alcala (syn. Brown & Alcala 1980)

Distribution: Philippines (Bohol, Catanduanes, Dinagat, Leyte, Luzon, Mindanao, Negros, Panaon, Panay, Polillo, Samar).

Lipinia quadrivittata

Black-striped Slender Tree Skink, (Four-striped Skink)

Schwarzstreifiger Baumskink

Sortstribet Træskink

1867 Lygosoma quadrivittatum Peters
Siaphos quadrivittatum Rooij 1915
Cophoscincus quadrivittatus Mittleman 1952
Saiphos quadrivittatum Taylor 1963
Leiolopisma quadrivittata Greer 1970
Lipinia quadrivittata Greer 1974

Remarks: Previously included nitens (e.g., Brown & Alcala 1980). A record from Great Nicobar Island (India) (Biswas & Sanyal 1977) was based on a misidentified macrotympanum (Das 1999). Reports from Sulawesi are considered erroneous (Koch 2012).
Introduced to: Indonesia (Sulawesi).
Distribution: Indonesia (Anambas Islands, Buton), Philippines (Bohol, Camiguin Sur, Cebu, Leyte, Mindanao, Negros, Palawan, Samar, Siquijor, Sulu Islands [incl. Bitinan, Bubuan, Dipolod, Gounan Islands (Little Gounan), Jolo, Lapac, Mamanoc, Siasi, Tulian]).

Lipinia rabori

Black Slender Striped Skink, Black Slender Tree Skink

Schwarzer Streifenschlankskink

Sort Stribeskink

1956 Lygosoma rabori Brown & Alcala
Leiolopisma rabori Greer 1970
Lipinia rabori Greer 1974

Distribution: Philippines (Negros, Panay).

Lipinia relicta

Mentawai Striped Skink



1892 Lygosoma relictum Vinciguerra
Cophoscincus relictus Mittleman 1952
Lygosoma irelictum [lapsus?] Brown & Rabor 1956
Lipinia relicta Greer 1974

Distribution: Indonesia (Enggano, Java, Kangean Islands, Karimunjawa Islands, Nias, Siberut, Simeulue, Sipura).

Lipinia rouxi

New Ireland Striped Skink


New Ireland-stribeskink

1934 Leiolopisma rouxi Hediger
Lygosoma noctua rouxi Loveridge 1948
Lipinia rouxi Mittleman 1952

Remarks: Previously regarded as a subspecies or a synonym of noctua (e.g., Loveridge 1948; Zweifel 1979). Revalidated by Greer & Mys (1987). Revalidation supported by Austin (1995).
Distribution: Papua New Guinea (Bismarck Archipelago: New Ireland).

Lipinia sekayuensis

Sekayu Striped Skink



2014 Lipinia sekayuensis Grismer, Ismail, Awang, Rizal & Ahmad

Distribution: Malaysia (West Malaysia).

Lipinia semperi

Mindanao Striped Skink, (Semper's Tree Skink)



1867 Lygosoma semperi Peters
Leiolopisma semperi Taylor 1922
Scincella semperi Mittleman 1952
Lipinia semperi Greer 1974

Distribution: Philippines (Camiguin Sur, Mindanao, Samar).

Lipinia septentrionalis

North Papuan Striped Skink

Nordpapuanischer Streifenschlankskink

Nordpapuansk Stribeskink

2000 Lipinia septentrionalis Günther

Distribution: Indonesia (Western New Guinea), Papua New Guinea (Eastern New Guinea).

Lipinia subvittata

Short-striped Tree Skink

Kurzstreifiger Baumskink

Kortstribet Træskink

1873 Cophoscincus subvittatus Günther
Lygosoma subvittatum Brown & Alcala 1963
Lipinia subvittata Greer 1974

Remarks: Presence in Java needs confirmation (Koch 2012).
Distribution: Indonesia (Banggai Islands, Sulawesi), Philippines (Mindanao).

Lipinia surda

Malayan Striped Skink, Malaysian Striped Skink, Selangor Striped Skink

Malaiischer Streifenschlankskink

Malaysisk Stribeskink

1900 Lygosoma surdum Boulenger
Cophoscincus surdus Mittleman 1952
Lipinia ? surda Greer 1974

Remarks: Status uncertain (Denzer & Manthey 1991).
Distribution: Malaysia (West Malaysia [incl. Seribuat Archipelago (incl. Aur, Tioman)]), Thailand.

Lipinia trivittata

Vietnamese Three-striped Skink

Vietnamesischer Dreistreifen-Skink

Vietnamesisk Trestribet Skink

2019 Lipinia trivittata Poyarkov, Geissler, Gorin, Dunayev, Hartmann & Suwannapoom

Distribution: Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam.

Lipinia trivittata
© Henrik Bringsøe

Lipinia vassilievi

Kon Tum Striped Skink


Kon Tum-stribeskink

2019 Lipinia vassilievi Poyarkov, Geissler, Gorin, Dunayev, Hartmann & Suwannapoom

Distribution: Cambodia, Vietnam.

Lipinia venemai

Doberai Peninsula Striped Skink



1942 Lygosoma venemai Brongersma
Lipinia venemai Greer 1974

Distribution: Indonesia (Western New Guinea).

Lipinia vittigera

Sipora Striped Skink, Common Striped Skink, Banded Lipinia, (Striped Tree Skink)


Sipora-stribeskink, Almindelig Stribeskink

1895 Lygosoma vittigerum Boulenger
Leiolopisma vittigerum Smith 1935
Scincella vittigera Mittleman 1952
Lipinia vittigera Greer 1974
1905 Lygosoma pulchellum Annandale [not Boulenger 1908] (syn. Smith 1935)

Remarks: Previously included microcerca and the populations now assigned to trivittata and vassilievi. All records from north of the Isthmus of Kra are provisionally assigned to microcerca, incl. those from Myanmar. Reported from Sumatra by Das (2010), however, no other works seem to support this, so this record is considered doubtful.
Distribution: Indonesia (Siberut, Sipura), Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak, West Malaysia [incl. Penang Island, Seribuat Archipelago (incl. Aur, Tioman)]), Singapore, Thailand.

Lipinia vittigera
© Henrik Bringsøe

Lipinia vulcania

Dapitan Peak Striped Skink, Vulcan Skink, (Girard's Tree Skink)



1857 Lipinia vulcania Girard
Lygosoma vulcanium Boulenger 1887
Leiolopisma vulcanium Taylor 1922
Scincella vulcania Mittleman 1952

Remarks: Considered endemic to Mindanao herein, however, there is a single record from Luzon, but the taxonomic status of this record is uncertain (Alcala 1986).
Distribution: Philippines (Luzon, Mindanao, Sibuyan).

Lipinia zamboangensis

Zamboanga Striped Skink, Rusty Tree Skink



1963 Lygosoma zamboangensis Brown & Alcala
Lipinia zamboangensis Greer 1974

Distribution: Philippines (Mindanao).