Reptiles of
Fergusson  [Papua New Guinea: d'Entrecasteaux Islands]

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Bibliography of the reptiles of Fergusson Taxonomic history of the reptiles of Fergusson Introduced species
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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (Compilation date: 14th April, 2023).

General remarks: The list includes only formally described species. Newly discovered, but still unnamed species are excluded. However, unnamed species or species unassigned to species level are included, if they are the only representatives of their genus in the region. Species counts exclude extinct and introduced species. Doubtful records, typically older voucher specimens of uncertain origin, have been excluded if considered questionable, as are records based on sources considered unreliable or controversial.
Note: Your comments to the checklist (omissions, errors, etc.) are welcomed, preferably if they are provided with reliable references. If possible, please attach a pdf file of the relevant reference to an email addressed to:
Crocodilians (Crocodylia)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Crocodylidae (Crocodiles)
Genus Crocodylus (Typical Crocodiles)
Crocodylus novaeguineae

Northern New Guinea Freshwater Crocodile

Whitaker, Whitaker & Mills 1982

Lizards (Sauria)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Agamidae (Agamas and Dragons)
Genus Hypsilurus (Eastern Anglehead Agamas)
Hypsilurus papuensis

White-cheeked Anglehead Agama

Denzer, Doughty, Johnstone & Manthey 2018 Manthey & Denzer 2006 Rooij 1915
Genus Lophosaurus (Sahul Anglehead Agamas)
Lophosaurus dilophus

Keeled Anglehead Agama

Denzer, Doughty, Johnstone & Manthey 2018 Manthey & Denzer 2006 Rooij 1915
 Family Gekkonidae (Typical Geckos)
Genus Cyrtodactylus (Australasian Bent-toed Geckos)
Cyrtodactylus epiroticus

Morobe Bent-toed Gecko

Kraus 2008 Rooij 1915 [as louisiadensis]
Genus Gehyra (Four-clawed Geckos)
Gehyra oceanica

Oceanic Gecko

Kraus & Allison 2004
Genus Gekko (Tokays)
Gekko vittatus

White-striped Gecko

Rooij 1915
Genus Nactus (Hook-toed Geckos)
 Family Scincidae (Skinks)
Genus Carlia (Australian-Pacific Rainbow Skinks)
Carlia eothen

Eastern Papuan Rainbow Skink

Rooij 1915 [as fuscum] Zug 2004
Genus Emoia (Emo Skinks)
Emoia atrocostata

Pacific Mangrove Skink

Rooij 1915
Emoia caeruleocauda

Pacific Blue-tailed Skink

Brown 1991
Emoia jakati

Jakati River Slender Skink

Brown 1991
Emoia longicauda

Long-tailed Slender Tree Skink

Brown 1991
Emoia obscura

Idenburg River Slender Skink

Kraus & Allison 2004
Emoia pallidiceps

Mafulu Slender Skink

Brown 1991
Emoia tetrataenia

Four-striped Slender Skink

Brown 1991 Rooij 1915
Genus Eugongylus (Short-legged Giant Skinks)
Eugongylus albofasciolatus

White-banded Giant Skink

Rooij 1915
Eugongylus rufescens

Reddish Giant Skink

Rooij 1915
Genus Glaphyromorphus (Short-legged Mulch Skinks)
Glaphyromorphus nigricaudis

Black-tailed Bar-lipped Skink

Rooij 1915 [as elegantulum]
Genus Lamprolepis (Malay Archipelago Tree Skinks)
Lamprolepis smaragdina

Emerald Tree Skink

Rooij 1915
Genus Lipinia (Indo-Pacific Striped Skinks)
Lipinia longiceps

East Papuan Striped Skink

Gunther 2000 Rooij 1915
Genus Ornithuroscincus (Smooth-eared Skinks)
Ornithuroscincus noctua

Moth Skink

Rooij 1915 [as miotis]
Genus Prasinohaema (Green Tree Skinks)
Prasinohaema virens

Eastern Green Tree Skink

Rooij 1915
Genus Sphenomorphus (Indo-Pacific Forest Skinks)
Sphenomorphus aignanus

Misima Forest Skink

Rooij 1915
Sphenomorphus forbesii

Sogere Slender Forest Skink

Kraus & Allison 2004
Sphenomorphus granulatus

Southeast Papuan Forest Skink

Kraus & Allison 2004
Sphenomorphus jobiensis

Yapen Forest Skink

Rooij 1915
Sphenomorphus minutus

Papuan Dwarf Forest Skink

Kraus & Allison 2004
Sphenomorphus solomonis

Solomon Forest Skink

Kraus & Allison 2004
Genus Tiliqua (Blue-tongued Skinks)
Tiliqua gigas

Giant Blue-tongued Skink

Rooij 1915 Shea 1990
 Family Varanidae (Monitor Lizards)
Genus Varanus (Monitor Lizards)
Varanus bogerti

Papuan Black Tree Monitor

Boehme 2003 Koch, Ernst, Eidenmuller & Kraus 2014 Mertens 1963 Sprackland 1991
Varanus indicus

Pacific Monitor

Rooij 1915 Weijola, Donnellan & Lindquist 2016 Weijola, Kraus, Vahtera, Lindqvist & Donnellan 2017

Snakes (Serpentes)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Boidae (Typical Boas)
Genus Candoia (Pacific Boas)
Candoia paulsoni

Pacific Ground Boa

O'Shea 1996 Rooij 1917 [as Enygrus carinatus] Smith, Chiszar, Tepedelen & Breukelen 2001
 Family Colubridae (Typical Snakes or Colubrids)
Genus Boiga (Australasian Cat Snakes)
Boiga irregularis

Brown Cat Snake

O'Shea 1996 Rooij 1917
Genus Dendrelaphis (Bronzebacks)
Dendrelaphis calligaster

Northern Australian Bronzeback

Kraus & Allison 2004 Rooij 1917 [as meeki] Rooijen, Vogel & Somaweera 2015
Dendrelaphis gastrostictus

Papuan Montane Bronzeback

O'Shea 1996 Rooijen & Vogel 2016
Dendrelaphis lineolatus

Papuan Striped Bronzeback

Rooij 1917
Dendrelaphis macrops

Papuan Large-eyed Bronzeback

O'Shea 1996 [as punctulatus]
Dendrelaphis papuensis

Eastern Papuan Bronzeback

O'Shea 1996
Genus Stegonotus (Indo-Australian Ground Snakes)
Stegonotus cucullatus

Doberai Ground Snake

McDowell 1972 O'Shea 1996
Stegonotus guentheri

Milne Bay Ground Snake

Kaiser, Kaiser & O'Shea 2018 McDowell 1972 O'Shea 1996 Rooij 1917
Stegonotus reticulatus

Reticulated Ground Snake

Kaiser, Kaiser & O'Shea 2018
Genus Tropidonophis (Indo-Australian Keelbacks)
Tropidonophis aenigmaticus

East Papuan Keelback

Kraus & Allison 2004 Malnate & Underwood 1988 O'Shea 1996
Tropidonophis dolasii

d'Entrecasteaux Islands Keelback

Kraus & Allison 2004
 Family Elapidae [part 1: terrestrial species] (Cobras, Mambas, etc.)
Genus Aspidomorphus (Papuan Crowned Snakes)
Aspidomorphus lineaticollis

Striped Crowned Snake

Brongersma 1934 McDowell 1967 O'Shea 1996 Wallach, Williams & Boundy 2014
Genus Toxicocalamus (Papuan Worm-eating Snakes)
Toxicocalamus nigrescens

Blackish Worm-eating Snake

Kraus & Allison 2004 [as T. loriae] Kraus 2017 O'Shea, Parker & Kaiser 2015 [as T. loriae]
 Family Pythonidae (Pythons)
Genus Liasis (Water Pythons and Australian Olive Python)
Liasis papuanus

Papuan Olive Python

Iskandar & Colijn 2001 McDiarmid, Campbell & Toure 1999 O'Shea 1996 Rooij 1917 Wallach, Williams & Boundy 2014
Genus Morelia (Carpet Pythons and allies)
Morelia viridis

Southern Green Tree Python

Natusch, Esquerre, Lyons, Hamidy, Lemmon, Lemmon, Riyanto, Keogh & Donnellan 2020 O'Shea 1996
Genus Simalia (Scrub Pythons)
Simalia amethistina

Amethystine Python

Kraus & Allison 2004