Reptiles of
Gibraltar [United Kingdom]


Bibliography of the reptiles of Gibraltar Taxonomic history of the reptiles of Gibraltar Introduced species
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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (Compilation date: 14th April, 2023).

General remarks: The list includes only formally described species. Newly discovered, but still unnamed species are excluded. However, unnamed species or species unassigned to species level are included, if they are the only representatives of their genus in the region. Species counts exclude extinct and introduced species. Doubtful records, typically older voucher specimens of uncertain origin, have been excluded if considered questionable, as are records based on sources considered unreliable or controversial.
Note: Your comments to the checklist (omissions, errors, etc.) are welcomed, preferably if they are provided with reliable references. If possible, please attach a pdf file of the relevant reference to an email addressed to:
Worm Lizards (Amphisbaenia)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Blanidae (Mediterranean Worm Lizards)
Genus Blanus (Mediterranean Worm Lizards)
Blanus vandellii

Central Iberian Worm Lizard

Edgar 2010 [as cinereus]

Lizards (Sauria)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Gekkonidae (Typical Geckos)
Genus Hemidactylus (Half-toed Geckos)
Hemidactylus turcicus

Turkish Half-toed Gecko

Edgar 2010
 Family Lacertidae (Typical Lizards)
Genus Acanthodactylus (Fringe-toed Lizards)
Acanthodactylus erythrurus

Red-tailed Fringe-toed Lizard

Edgar 2010
Genus Podarcis (Wall Lizards)
Podarcis vaucheri

Andalusian Wall Lizard

Edgar 2010 [as hispanicus]
Genus Psammodromus (Western Mediterranean Sand Lizards)
Psammodromus algirus

Greater Sand Lizard

Edgar 2010
Genus Timon (Ocellated Lizards)
Timon lepidus

Northern Ocellated Lizard

Edgar 2010
 Family Phyllodactylidae (Leaf-toed Geckos)
Genus Tarentola (Wall Geckos)
Tarentola mauritanica

Moorish Wall Gecko

Edgar 2010
 Family Scincidae (Skinks)
Genus Chalcides (Cylindrical Skinks)
Chalcides bedriagai

Spanish Cylindrical Skink

Edgar 2010
Chalcides striatus

Western Three-toed Cylindrical Skink

Edgar 2010

Snakes (Serpentes)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Colubridae (Typical Snakes or Colubrids)
Genus Coronella (Palearctic Smooth Snakes)
Coronella girondica

Southern Smooth Snake

Edgar 2010
Genus Hemorrhois (Palearctic Whip Snakes)
Hemorrhois hippocrepis

Horseshoe Whip Snake

Edgar 2010
Genus Macroprotodon (False Smooth Snakes)
Macroprotodon brevis

Western False Smooth Snake

Edgar 2010 [as cucullatus]
Genus Natrix (Eurasian Keelbacks)
Natrix astreptophora

Iberian Grass Snake

Edgar 2010 [as natrix]
Natrix maura

Viperine Grass Snake

Edgar 2010
Genus Zamenis (Western Palearctic Rat Snakes)
Zamenis scalaris

Ladder Snake

Edgar 2010
 Family Lamprophiidae (House Snakes, etc.)
Genus Malpolon (Montpellier Snakes)
Malpolon monspessulanus

Western Montpellier Snake

Edgar 2010
 Family Viperidae (Vipers)
Genus Vipera (Typical Vipers or Adders)
Vipera latastei

Snub-nosed Viper

Edgar 2010

Turtles (Testudines)
= endemicEX = extinct or assumed extinct

 Family Cheloniidae (Hard-shelled Sea Turtles)
Genus Caretta (Loggerhead Sea Turtle)
Caretta caretta

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Edgar 2010
Genus Chelonia (Green Sea Turtle)
Chelonia mydas

Green Sea Turtle

Edgar 2010
 Family Dermochelyidae (Leatherback Sea Turtle)
Genus Dermochelys (Leatherback Sea Turtle)
Dermochelys coriacea

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Edgar 2010