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Citation: Midtgaard, Rune. RepFocus - A Survey of the Reptiles of the World. (www.repfocus.dk).
Latest update: December 31st, 2022.

Taxonomy of the family Amphisbaenidae
Bibliography of the genus Amphisbaena
Biodiversity of the family Amphisbaenidae


Neotropical Worm Lizards

Neotropische Doppelschleichen

Neotropiske Ormeøgler

1758 Amphisbaena Linnaeus (type species: Amphisbaena fuliginosa Linnaeus 1758)
1843 Glyptoderma Fitzinger (type species: Amphisbaena vermicularis Wagler 1824; syn. Gans 2005)
1843 Typhloblanus Fitzinger (type species: Amphisbaena coeca [sic] Cuvier 1829; syn. Gans 2005)
1844 Sarea Gray (type species: Amphisbaena caeca Cuvier 1829 [=Amphisbaena ridleyi, see Gans & Alexander 1962]; syn. Gans 2005)
1861 Diphalus Cope (type species: Diphalus fenestratus Cope 1861; syn. Gans 2005)
1885 Aporarchus Cope (type species: Aporarchus prunicolor Cope 1885; syn. Gans 2005)

Contents: 89 species, of which 72 (80.9%) are endemic.
Endemism: 0% 100%
Remarks: Mott & Vieites (2009) synonymized Anops, Aulura, Bronia, Cercolophia, and Leposternon with Amphisbaena. These genera are retained as valid herein, following many subsequent works (e.g., Ribeiro, Nogueira, Cintra, Silva & Zaher 2011; Ribeiro, Santos-Junior & Zaher 2015; Costa & Bernils 2014; Cacciali, Scott, Aquino-Ortiz, Fitzgerald & Smith 2016, Ribeiro, Silveira & Santos-Junior 2018).
Introduced to: Grenada, Saint Lucia.
Distribution: Panama, South America, West Indies.
Reported from: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil (Acre, Alagoas, Amapa, Amazonas, Bahia, Ceara, Distrito Federal, Espirito Santo, Goias, Maranhao, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Para [incl. Marajo Island], Paraiba, Parana, Pernambuco [incl. Fernando do Noronha], Piaui, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Rondonia, Roraima, Santa Catarina, São Paulo [incl. Ilha de Alcatrazes, Queimada Grande], Sergipe, Tocantins), British Virgin Islands, Colombia, Cuba (incl. Isla de la Juventud), Dominican Republic, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Haiti (incl. Grande Cayemite, Ile de la Gonâve), Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico (incl. Vieques), Surinam, Trinidad & Tobago (Trinidad), U.S. Virgin Islands (incl. St. Croix), Uruguay, Venezuela (incl. Margarita).

Amphisbaena acangaoba

Bahia Helmeted Worm Lizard


Braziliansk Hjelm-ormeøgle

2020 Amphisbaena acangaoba Ribeiro, Gomides & Costa

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia).

Amphisbaena alba

Common Red Worm Lizard, Red Worm Lizard, White-bellied Worm Lizard, White Burrowing Lizard, White Worm Lizard, Pale Worm Lizard, Giant Amphisbaenian

Südamerikanische Rote Doppelschleiche

Almindelig Rød Ormeøgle

1758 Amphisbaena alba Linnaeus
1791 Amphisbaena rosea Shaw & Nodder (Gans 2005)
1822 Amphisbaena exalbida Wagler (Gans 2005)
1822 Amphisbaena pachyura Wolf (Gans 2005)
1825 Amphisbaena flavescens Wied (Gans 2005)
1885 Amphisbaena alba var. dissecta Cope
1885 Amphisbaena alba var. radiata Cope
1885 Amphisbaena beniensis Cope (Gans 2005)

Remarks: Although listed for Panama by several other authors (Auth 1994; Gans 1962, 2005; Villa, Wilson & Johnson 1988; Ibáñez, Solís, Jaramillo & Rand 2001; Jaramillo, Wilson, Ibáñez & Jaramillo 2010), no vouchers or reported localities have been reported from the country (Köhler 2001, 2008; Ray, Castillo-H., Himes, Ruback & Knight 2015).
Distribution: Bolivia, Brazil (Alagoas, Amapa, Amazonas, Bahia, Ceara, Distrito Federal, Espirito Santo, Goias, Maranhao, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Para [incl. Marajo Island], Paraiba, Parana, Pernambuco, Piaui, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte, Rondonia, Roraima, Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Sergipe, Tocantins), Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Trinidad & Tobago (Trinidad), Venezuela (incl. Isla Margarita).

Amphisbaena albocingulata

Asunción Worm Lizard



1885 Amphisbaena albocingulata Boettger
Amphisbaena prunicolor albocingulata Gans 1967

Remarks: Revalidated as a separate species by Vanzolini (2002). Validity confirmed by Perez, Ribeiro & Borges-Martins (2012). Records from Argentina refer to darwini heterozonata, and records from Brazil need confirmation (Perez, Ribeiro & Borges-Martins 2012). Based on these authors, Lema's (1994b) listing of the species from Rio Grande do Sul is considered doubtful.
Distribution: Paraguay.

Amphisbaena anaemariae

Serra da Mesa Worm Lizard

Serra da Mesa-Doppelschleiche

Serra da Mesa-ormeøgle

1997 Amphisbaena anaemariae Vanzolini

Distribution: Brazil (Distrito Federal, Goias, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Tocantins).

Amphisbaena angustifrons

Common South American Worm Lizard

Gewöhnliche Südamerikanische Doppelschleiche

Almindelig Sydamerikansk Ormeøgle

1861 Amphisbaena angustifrons Cope
1928 Amphisbaena knighti Parker (Gans 2005)

Distribution: Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay.

Amphisbaena arda

Mocambo do Vento Worm Lizard

Mocambo do Vento-Doppelschleiche

Mocambo do Vento-ormeøgle

2002 Amphisbaena arda Rodrigues

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia).

Amphisbaena arenaria

Raso da Catarina Worm Lizard

Raso da Catarina-Doppelschleiche

Raso da Catarina-ormeøgle

1991 Amphisbaena arenaria Vanzolini

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia, Sergipe).

Amphisbaena arenicola

Florianopolis Worm Lizard



2019 Amphisbaena arenicola Perez & Borges-Martins

Distribution: Brazil (Santa Catarina).

Amphisbaena bakeri

Puerto Rican Many-ringed Worm Lizard, (Baker's Worm Lizard)

Puertorikanische Vielringel-Doppelschleiche

Puertoricansk Smalringet Ormeøgle

1904 Amphisbaena bakeri Stejneger

Distribution: Puerto Rico.

Amphisbaena barbouri

Cuban Many-ringed Worm Lizard

Kubanische Vielringel-Doppelschleiche

Cubansk Smalringet Ormeøgle

1962 Amphisbaena cubana barbouri Gans & Alexander
Amphisbaena barbouri Thomas & Hedges 1998

Distribution: Cuba.

Amphisbaena bolivica

Rio Pilcomayo Worm Lizard

Rio Pilcomayo-Doppelschleiche

Rio Pilcomayo-ormeøgle

1929 Amphisbaena camura bolivica Mertens
Amphisbaena bolivica Montero 1996

Remarks: Previously regarded as a synonym of camura (e.g., Gans 1967). Although reported (without exact locality) from Mato Grosso, Brazil, by Montero (1996), presence in the country needs confirmation (e.g., Costa & Bérnils 2015).
Distribution: Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay.

Amphisbaena brevis

Mato Grosso Short Worm Lizard

Kurze Mato Grosso-Doppelschleiche

Lille Mato Grosso-ormeøgle

2009 Amphisbaena brevis Strüssmann & Mott

Distribution: Brazil (Mato Grosso).

Amphisbaena caeca

Puerto Rican Common Worm Lizard, Blind Worm Lizard

Gewöhnliche Puerto Rico-Doppelschleiche

Almindelig Puertoricansk Ormeøgle

1829 Amphisbaena caeca Cuvier
Sarea caecas [sic] Gray 1844 (=A. ridleyi, cf. Gans & Alexander 1962)

Distribution: Puerto Rico (incl. Vieques).

Amphisbaena caetitensis

Caetité Worm Lizard



2018 Amphisbaena caetitensis Almeida, Freitas, Silva, Valverde, Rodrigues, Pires & Mott

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia).

Amphisbaena caiari

Rio Madeira Worm Lizard


Rio Madeira-ormeøgle

2014 Amphisbaena caiari Teixeira, Vechio, Neto & Rodrigues

Distribution: Brazil (Rondonia).

Amphisbaena camura

Crooked Worm Lizard


Kroget Ormeøgle

1862 Amphisbaena camura Cope
1910 Amphisbaena boliviana Werner (Gans 2005)

Remarks: Argentinian records (e.g., Cei 1986, 1993) refer to bolivica (Montero 1996).
Distribution: Bolivia, Brazil (Mato Grosso do Sul), Paraguay.

Amphisbaena carlgansi

Cuban Pink Worm Lizard

Kubanische Hellrote Doppelschleiche

Cubansk Lyserød Ormeøgle

1998 Amphisbaena carlgansi Thomas & Hedges

Distribution: Cuba.

Amphisbaena carli

Jatobá Worm Lizard



2010 Amphisbaena carli Pinna, Mendonca, Bocchiglieri & Fernandes

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia).

Amphisbaena carvalhoi

Pesqueira Worm Lizard



1965 Amphisbaena carvalhoi Gans

Distribution: Brazil (Alagoas, Pernambuco).

Amphisbaena caudalis

Cayemite Long-tailed Worm Lizard

Langschwänzige Cayemite-Doppelschleiche

Langhalet Cayemite-ormeøgle

1928 Amphisbaena caudalis Cochran
1962 Amphisbaena innocens caudalis Gans & Alexander

Remarks: Revalidated as a separate species by Schwartz & Henderson (1988).
Distribution: Haiti (incl. Grande Cayemite).

Amphisbaena cayemite

Cayemite Short-tailed Worm Lizard

Kurzschwänzige Cayemite-Doppelschleiche

Korthalet Cayemite-ormeøgle

2006 Amphisbaena cayemite Thomas & Hedges

Distribution: Haiti (Grande Cayemite).

Amphisbaena cegei

Santa Cruz Worm Lizard

Santa Cruz-Doppelschleiche

Santa Cruz-ormeøgle

1997 Amphisbaena cegei Montero, Sáfadez & Álvarez

Remarks: Not mentioned by Pincheira-Donoso (2002).
Distribution: Bolivia.

Amphisbaena crisae

Cafeara Worm Lizard



1997 Amphisbaena crisae Vanzolini

Distribution: Brazil (Goias, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul).

Amphisbaena cubana

Cuban Brown Worm Lizard

Kubanische Braune Doppelschleiche

Cubansk Brun Ormeøgle

1878 Amphisbaena cubana Gundlach & Peters

Remarks: Previously included barbouri.
Distribution: Cuba (incl. Isla de la Juventud).

Amphisbaena cunhai

Rio Jamari Worm Lizard

Rio Jamari-Doppelschleiche

Rio Jamari-ormeøgle

1991 Amphisbaena cunhai Hoogmoed & Avila Pires

Distribution: Brazil (Amazonas, Rondonia).

Amphisbaena darwinii

Uruguayan Ringed Worm Lizard, (Darwin's Ringed Worm Lizard)

Uruguayische Ringel-Doppelschleiche

Uruguayisk Ring-ormeøgle

1839 Amphisbaena darwinii Dumeril & Bibron
1861 Amphisbaena heterozonata Burmeister (Montero 2016)
Amphisbaena darwini heterozonata Gans 1966
1878 Amphisbaena trachura Cope (Montero 2016)
Amphisbaena darwini trachura Gans 1966

Remarks: Vanzolini (2002) revalidated heterozonata and trachura as a separate species. Montero (2016) synonymized the two forms again with darwinii, treating them as subspecies. Original spelling of the specific epithet is darwinii, not darwini (Costa & Bérnils 2015).
Distribution: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil (Parana, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, São Paulo), Paraguay, Uruguay.

Amphisbaena dubia

Piracicaba Worm Lizard, (Uncertain Worm Lizard)



1924 Amphisbaena dubia Müller

Distribution: Brazil (Minas Gerais, Parana, Santa Catarina, São Paulo).

Amphisbaena elbakyanae

Casanare Worm Lizard



2021 Amphisbaena elbakyanae Torres-Ramírez, Angarita-Sierra & Vargas-Ramírez

Distribution: Colombia.

Amphisbaena fenestrata

Virgin Islands Worm Lizard, (Cope's Worm Lizard)


Virgin Islands-ormeøgle

1861 Diphalus fenestratus Cope
Amphisbaena fenestrata Strauch 1881
1862 Amphisbaena antillensis Reinhardt & Lütken (Gans 2005)

Distribution: British Virgin Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands (incl. St. Croix).

Amphisbaena filiformis

Babaçulândia Worm Lizard



2016 Amphisbaena filiformis Ribeiro, Gomes, Silva, Cintra & Silva

Distribution: Brazil (Maranhao, Tocantins).

Amphisbaena frontalis

Alagoado Worm Lizard



1991 Amphisbaena frontalis Vanzolini
2003 Amphisbaena ibijara Rodrigues, Andrade & Dias Lima (syn. Ribeiro, Ribeiro, Cintra & Oliveira Gomes 2022)

Other common names:
ibijara: Ibijara Worm Lizard
Distribution: Brazil (Bahia, Maranhao, Piaui).

Amphisbaena fuliginosa

Spotted Worm Lizard, Speckled Worm Lizard, Black-and-White Worm Lizard, Mottled Amphisbaenian, Banded Amphisbaenian

Südamerikanische Gefleckte Doppelschleiche

Sydamerikansk Plettet Ormeøgle

1758 Amphisbaena fuliginosa Linnaeus
1768 Amphisbaena flava Laurenti (Gans 2005)
1768 Amphisbaena magnifica Laurenti (Gans 2005)
1768 Amphisbaena vulgaris Laurenti (Gans 2005)
1844 Amphisbaena americana Gray (Gans 2005)
1863 Amphisbaena dubia Rathke [nomen rejectum; not Amphisbaena dubia Müller 1924] (Smith & Chiszar 1989)
1951 Amphisbaena fuliginosa amazonica Vanzolini
Amphisbaena amazonica Gans 2005
1951 Amphisbaena fuliginosa bassleri Vanzolini
Amphisbaena bassleri Gans 2005
1768 Amphisbaena varia Laurenti
Amphisbaena fuliginosa varia Vanzolini 1951
1951 Amphisbaena fuliginosa wiedi Vanzolini
Amphisbaena wiedi Gans 2005

Other common names:
amazonica: Amazon Worm Lizard
Remarks: Gans (2005) treated amazonica, bassleri, varia, and wiedi as separate species, followed by some authors (e.g., Ray, Castillo-H., Himes, Ruback & Knight 2015), but these forms are retained herein as subspecies of fuliginosa, following Vanzolini (1951, 2002), and because the subspecific identity of many records of fuliginosa is uncertain. Reports (of bassleri) from Argentina (e.g., Gans 1967a, 2005; Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970) are regarded as doubtful, since Avila, Martinez & Morando (2013) did not list this species from the country.
Introduced to: Grenada, Saint Lucia.
Distribution: Bolivia, Brazil (Acre, Amapa, Amazonas, Bahia, Ceara, Goias, Maranhao, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Para, Pernambuco, Rondonia, Roraima), Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Panama, Peru, Surinam, Trinidad & Tobago (Trinidad), Venezuela.

Amphisbaena gonavensis

Gonâve Worm Lizard



1962 Amphisbaena innocens gonavensis Gans & Alexander
Amphisbaena gonavensis Thomas 1965

Remarks: Previously included hyporissor and leberi (e.g., Schwartz & Henderson 1988).
Distribution: Haiti (Ile de la Gonâve).

Amphisbaena gracilis

Slender Worm Lizard

Grazile Doppelschleiche


1881 Amphisbaena gracilis Strauch

Remarks: Not listed by Pefaur (1992), implying that he considered gracilis to be a synonym of rozei (according to Gorzula & Señaris 1999), however, this would be taxonomically incorrect, since gracilis is the older name, having priority over rozei.
Distribution: Venezuela.

Amphisbaena hastata

Ibiraba Worm Lizard



1991 Amphisbaena hastata Vanzolini

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia).

Amphisbaena heathi

Baixa Verde Worm Lizard, (Heath's Worm Lizard)


Baixa Verde-ormeøgle

1936 Amphisbaena heathi Schmidt

Distribution: Brazil (Rio Grande do Norte).

Amphisbaena hiata

Corrientes Worm Lizard



2002 Amphisbaena hiata Montero & Céspedez

Distribution: Argentina. Brazil (Mato Grosso do Sul).

Amphisbaena hogei

Alcatrazes Island Worm Lizard



1950 Amphisbaena darwini hogei Vanzolini
Amphisbaena hogei Gans 1965

Remarks: Not listed for Rio de Janeiro by Oliveira, Gonzalez, Passos, Vrcibradic & Rocha (2020).
Distribution: Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, São Paulo [incl. Ilha de Alcatrazes, Queimada Grande]).

Amphisbaena hoogmoedi

Jacareacanga Worm Lizard



2018 Amphisbaena hoogmoedi Oliveira, Vaz-Silva, Santos-Junior, Graboski, Teixeira, Vechio & Ribeiro

Distribution: Brazil (Para).

Amphisbaena hyporissor

Eastern Barahona Worm Lizard, (Barahona Worm Lizard)

Östliche Barahona-Doppelschleiche

Østlig Barahona-ormeøgle

1965 Amphisbaena gonavensis hyporissor Thomas
Amphisbaena hyporissor Powell, Ottenwalder & Incháustegui 1999

Remarks: Some authors regard leberi as a subspecies of hyporissor (e.g., Powell & Henderson (eds.) 2012).
Distribution: Dominican Republic.

Amphisbaena ignatiana

Santo Indicio Worm Lizard

Santo Indicio-Doppelschleiche

Santo Indicio-ormeøgle

1991 Amphisbaena ignatiana Vanzolini

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia, Paraiba).

Amphisbaena innocens

Tiburon Worm Lizard, (Innocent Worm Lizard)



1862 Amphisbaena innocens Weinland
1928 Amphisbaena weinlandi Schmidt [nomen nudum] (Gans 2005; Schwartz & Henderson 1988)

Distribution: Dominican Republic, Haiti (incl. Grande Cayemite).

Amphisbaena kiriri

Campo Formoso Worm Lizard


Campo Formoso-ormeøgle

2018 Amphisbaena kiriri Ribeiro, Gomides & Costa

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia).

Amphisbaena leali

Pestel Worm Lizard



2006 Amphisbaena leali Thomas & Hedges

Distribution: Haiti.

Amphisbaena leberi

Western Barahona Worm Lizard

Westliche Barahona-Doppelschleiche

Vestlig Barahona-ormeøgle

1965 Amphisbaena gonavensis leberi Thomas
Amphisbaena leberi Gans 2005

Remarks: Listed as a subspecies of hyporissor by Powell & Henderson (eds.) (2012).
Distribution: Dominican Republic.

Amphisbaena leeseri

Urucum Worm Lizard



1964 Amphisbaena leeseri Gans

Distribution: Brazil (Goias, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Rondonia, Tocantins), Paraguay.

Amphisbaena leucocephala

White-headed Worm Lizard


Hvidhovedet Ormeøgle

1878 Amphisbaena leucocephala Peters

Remarks: Status was regarded as uncertain by Gans (1965). Validity confirmed by Vechio, Teixeira, Sena, Argôlo, Garcia & Rodrigues (2016).
Distribution: Brazil (Bahia).

Amphisbaena littoralis

Guamaré Worm Lizard



2014 Amphisbaena littoralis Roberto, Brito & Ávila

Distribution: Brazil (Rio Grande do Norte).

Amphisbaena longinqua

Piatá Worm Lizard



2019 Amphisbaena longinqua Teixeira Junior, Vechio, Recoder, Cassimiro, Sena & Rodrigues

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia).

Amphisbaena lumbricalis

Rio São Francisco Worm Lizard

Rio São Francisco-Doppelschleiche

São Francisco-ormeøgle

1996 Amphisbaena lumbricalis Vanzolini

Distribution: Brazil (Alagoas, Paraiba, Pernambuco, Sergipe).

Amphisbaena manni

Hispaniolan Dwarf Worm Lizard, (Mann's Worm Lizard)

Hispaniolische Zwerg-Doppelschleiche

Hispaniolansk Dværgormeøgle

1914 Amphisbaena manni Barbour

Distribution: Dominican Republic, Haiti.

Amphisbaena maranhensis

Maranhao Worm Lizard



2012 Amphisbaena maranhensis Gomes & Maciel

Distribution: Brazil (Maranhao).

Amphisbaena mebengokre

Arenópolis Worm Lizard



2019 Amphisbaena mebengokre Ribeiro, Sá, Santos-Júnior., Graboski, Zaher, Guedes, Andrade & Vaz-Silva

Distribution: Brazil (Goias).

Amphisbaena medemi

Atlántico Worm Lizard



1977 Amphisbaena medemi Gans & Mathers

Distribution: Colombia.

Amphisbaena mertensii

São Paulo Worm Lizard, (Mertens' Worm Lizard)

São Paulo-Doppelschleiche

São Paulo-ormeøgle

1881 Amphisbaena mertensii Strauch
1894 Amphisbaena bohlsii Boulenger (Gans 1966, 1967)
1898 Amphisbaena mattogrossensis Peracca (Gans 1966, 1967)
1911 Amphisbaena boulengeri Masi (Gans 1966, 1967)
1911 Amphisbaena carruccii Masi (Gans 1966, 1967)
1932 Amphisbaena albissima Amaral (Gans 1966, 1967)

Distribution: Argentina, Brazil (Distrito Federal, Goias, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Parana, Santa Catarina, São Paulo), Paraguay.

Amphisbaena metallurga

Espinhaço Mountains Worm Lizard



2015 Amphisbaena metallurga Costa, Resende, Teixeira, Vechio & Clemente

Distribution: Brazil (Minas Gerais).

Amphisbaena miringoeira

Rio Tapirapes Worm Lizard

Rio Tapirapes-Doppelschleiche

Rio Tapirapes-ormeøgle

1971 Amphisbaena miringoeira Vanzolini

Remarks: Included for Mato Grosso do Sul on the basis of Ferreira, Terra, Piatti, Delatorre, Strüssmann, Béda, Kawashita-Ribeiro, Landgref-Filho, Aoki, Campos, Souza, Ávila, Duleba, Martins, Rita & Albuquerque (2017). However, the presence in this state is not mapped herein, since the authors did not mention any exact localities or references. Furthermore, Mato Grosso do Sul is far from the nearest other records of the species, which calls for a verification of the record.
Distribution: Brazil (Mato Grosso, Para, Piaui, Tocantins).

Amphisbaena mitchelli

Marajó Worm Lizard



1923 Amphisbaena mitchelli Procter

Distribution: Brazil (Maranhao, Para [incl. Marajo Island]).

Amphisbaena mongoyo

Vitória da Conquista Worm Lizard


Vitória da Conquista-ormeøgle

2019 Amphisbaena mongoyo Teixeira Junior, Vechio, Recoder, Cassimiro, Sena & Rodrigues

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia).

Amphisbaena munoai

Munoa Worm Lizard



1960 Amphisbaena munoai Klappenbach

Distribution: Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul), Uruguay.

Amphisbaena myersi

Surinam Worm Lizard



1988 Amphisbaena myersi Hoogmoed

Distribution: Surinam.

Amphisbaena nana

São Jerônimo Worm Lizard


São Jerônimo-ormeøgle

2019 Amphisbaena nana Perez & Borges-Martins

Distribution: Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul).

Amphisbaena neglecta

Chapada Worm Lizard, Neglected Worm Lizard



1936 Amphisbaena neglecta Dunn & Piatt

Remarks: Records from Goias are erroneous (Costa & Bérnils 2018).
Distribution: Brazil (Mato Grosso).

Amphisbaena nigricauda

Black-tailed Worm Lizard, (Black-headed Worm Lizard)

Schwarzschwänzige Doppelschleiche

Sorthalet Ormeøgle

1966 Amphisbaena nigricauda Gans

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia, Espirito Santo).

Amphisbaena occidentalis

Western Peruvian Worm Lizard, (Western Worm Lizard)

Westperuvianische Doppelschleiche

Vestperuviansk Ormeøgle

1876 Amphisbaena occidentalis Cope

Distribution: Peru.

Amphisbaena pericensis

Perico Worm Lizard



1921 Amphisbaena pericensis Noble

Distribution: Peru.

Amphisbaena persephone

Jaborandi Worm Lizard



2014 Amphisbaena persephone Pinna, Mendonca, Bocchiglieri & Fernandes

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia).

Amphisbaena plumbea

Leaden Worm Lizard

Bleifarbige Doppelschleiche

Blygrå Ormeøgle

1872 Amphisbaena plumbea Gray
Amphisbaena angustifrons plumbea Gans & Dieffenbach 1972

Remarks: Revalidated as a distinct species by Vanzolini (2002).
Distribution: Argentina.

Amphisbaena polygrammica

Central Peruvian Worm Lizard, (Werner's Worm Lizard)

Zentralperuvianische Doppelschleiche

Centralperuviansk Ormeøgle

1900 Amphisbaena polygrammica Werner

Distribution: Peru.

Amphisbaena pretrei

Rio Grande Worm Lizard

Rio Grande-Doppelschleiche

Rio Grande-ormeøgle

1839 Amphisbaena pretrei Dumeril & Bibron
1878 Amphisbaena subocularis Peters (Gans 1965, 1967)
1932 Amphisbaena brachyura Amaral (Gans 1965, 1967)

Remarks: Not listed for Rio de Janeiro by Oliveira, Gonzalez, Passos, Vrcibradic & Rocha (2020).
Distribution: Brazil (Alagoas, Bahia, Ceara, Espirito Santo, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Paraiba, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe).

Amphisbaena prunicolor

Plum-coloured Worm Lizard

Pflaumenfarbige Doppelschleiche

Blommefarvet Ormeøgle

1885 Aporarchus prunicolor Cope
Amphisbaena prunicolor Gans 1966

Remarks: Validity as a separate species confirmed by Perez, Ribeiro & Borges-Martins (2012). A record from Rio de Janeiro (Rocha, Bergallo, Pombal, Geise, Sluys, Fernandes & Caramaschi 2004) is regarded as doubtful. The species was not listed for the state by neither Costa & Bérnils (2018), nor Oliveira, Gonzalez, Passos, Vrcibradic & Rocha (2020). Costa & Bérnils (2018) also considered the presence in Minas Gerais and Sao Paulo as doubtful.
Distribution: Argentina, Brazil (Espirito Santo, Parana, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina), Paraguay.

Amphisbaena ridleyi

Fernando do Noronha Worm Lizard, (Ridley's Worm Lizard)

Fernando do Noronha-Doppelschleiche

Fernando do Noronha-ormeøgle

1890 Amphisbaena ridleyi Boulenger

Distribution: Brazil (Pernambuco: Fernando do Noronha).

Amphisbaena rozei

Bolivar Worm Lizard, (Roze's Worm Lizard)



1963 Amphisbaena rozei Lancini

Remarks: Erroneously synonymized with spurrelli by Donoso-Barros (1968) (Rivas, Molina, Ugueto, Barros, Barrio-Amoros & Kok 2012). Validity as a separate species supported by Costa, Señaris, Rojas-Runjaic, Zaher & Garcia (2018).
Distribution: Venezuela.

Amphisbaena sanctaeritae

Santa Rita Worm Lizard

Santa Rita-Doppelschleiche

Santa Rita-ormeøgle

1994 Amphisbaena sanctaeritae Vanzolini

Distribution: Brazil (São Paulo).

Amphisbaena schmidti

Puerto Rican Dusky Worm Lizard, (Schmidt's Worm Lizard)

Dunkle Puertorikanische Doppelschleiche

Puertoricansk Mørk Ormeøgle

1964 Amphisbaena schmidti Gans

Distribution: Puerto Rico.

Amphisbaena silvestrii

Southern Mato Grosso Worm Lizard, (Silvestri's Worm Lizard)

Südliche Mato-Grosso-Doppelschleiche

Sydlig Mato Grosso-ormeøgle

1902 Amphisbaena silvestrii Boulenger

Distribution: Bolivia, Brazil (Goias, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Tocantins).

Amphisbaena slateri

Southern Peruvian Worm Lizard, (Slater's Worm Lizard)

Südperuvianische Doppelschleiche

Sydperuviansk Ormeøgle

1907 Amphisbaena slateri Boulenger

Distribution: Bolivia, Peru.

Amphisbaena slevini

Manaus Worm Lizard, (Slevin's Worm Lizard)



1936 Amphisbaena slevini Schmidt

Distribution: Brazil (Amazonas, Para), French Guiana.

Amphisbaena spurrelli

Chocó Worm Lizard, (Spurrell's Worm Lizard)



1915 Amphisbaena spurrelli Boulenger

Remarks: Erroneously reported from Venezuela by Donoso-Barros (1968) because the author mistakenly synonymized rozei with spurrelli (Rivas, Molina, Ugueto, Barros, Barrio-Amoros & Kok 2012). This error was repeated subsequently by several authors (e.g., Peters & Donoso-Barros 1970; Péfaur 1992; La Marca 1997; Péfaur & Rivero 2000).
Distribution: Colombia, Panama.

Amphisbaena stejnegeri

Demerara Worm Lizard, (Stejneger's Worm Lizard)



1922 Amphisbaena stejnegeri Ruthven

Distribution: Guyana.

Amphisbaena supernumeraria

Catimbau Worm Lizard



2009 Amphisbaena supernumeraria Mott, Rodrigues & Santos

Distribution: Brazil (Pernambuco).

Amphisbaena talisiae

Serra da Pitomba Worm Lizard

Serra da Pitomba-Doppelschleiche

Serra da Pitomba-ormeøgle

1995 Amphisbaena talisiae Vanzolini
2000 Amphisbaena mensae Castro-Mello (syn. Costa, Grabosky & Zaher 2019)

Distribution: Brazil (Distrito Federal, Goias, Mato Grosso, Minas Gerais, Tocantins).

Amphisbaena tiaraju

Cerro Largo Worm Lizard


Cerro Largo-ormeøgle

2019 Amphisbaena tiaraju Perez & Borges-Martins

Distribution: Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul).

Amphisbaena townsendi

Piura Worm Lizard



1911 Amphisbaena townsendi Stejneger
Amphisbaena occidentalis townsendi Gans 1961

Remarks: Revalidated as a separate species by Gans (2005).
Distribution: Peru.

Amphisbaena tragorrhectes

Oriximina Worm Lizard



1971 Amphisbaena tragorrhectes Vanzolini

Remarks: According to Avila-Pires, Hoogmoed & Rocha (2010), tragorrhectes is a synonym of vanzolini.
Distribution: Brazil (Para).

Amphisbaena uroxena

Tubercle-tailed Worm Lizard


Tuberkelhalet Ormeøgle

2008 Amphisbaena uroxena Mott, Rodrigues, Freitas & Silva

Distribution: Brazil (Bahia).

Amphisbaena vanzolinii

Marudi Worm Lizard, (Vanzolini's Worm Lizard)



1963 Amphisbaena vanzolinii Gans
1989 Amphisbaena hugoi Vanzolini (Hoogmoed & Mott 2003)

Remarks: Without comments, Gans (2005) ignored Hoogmoed & Mott's (2003) synonymization of hugoi with vanzolinii (retaining both as valid species), although their publication was included in his bibliography. See under tragorrhectes.
Distribution: Brazil (Amapa, Amazonas, Para), Guyana, Surinam.

Amphisbaena vermicularis

Vermiculate Worm Lizard, (Wagler's Worm Lizard)



1824 Amphisbaena vermicularis Wagler
1935 Amphisbaena vermicularis centralis Amaral
1936 Amphisbaena spixii Schmidt (Gans 2005)

Remarks: A record from Rio de Janeiro (Gans & Amdur 1966) is regarded as doubtful. The species was not listed for the state by neither Costa & Bérnils (2018), nor Oliveira, Gonzalez, Passos, Vrcibradic & Rocha (2020).
Distribution: Bolivia, Brazil (Alagoas, Bahia, Ceara, Distrito Federal, Goias, Maranhao, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Para, Paraiba, Pernambuco, Piaui, Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe, Tocantins).

Amphisbaena xera

Puerto Rican Xeric Worm Lizard, (Dry Worm Lizard)



1966 Amphisbaena xera Thomas

Distribution: Puerto Rico.